Blessings Opposition Due to “Enduring Animus” Against LGBTQ+ People, Says Cardinal McElroy

A top U.S. cardinal has said opposition to Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican declaration allowing blessings for... Read More

Synod Delegates Share Some of the Dynamics Around LGBTQ+ Discussions

"There were some very compelling testimonies on the part of people about that in terms of their families. That was not fully reflected in the document." Read More

How Are Synod Assembly Participants on LGBTQ+ Issues? — Part II

Yesterday, Bondings 2.0 announced New Ways Ministry's new resource that details what participants in the upcoming Synod assembly in October have said or done when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. Today, a second batch of participants has been added to that resource. Read More

U.S. Bishops Vote for Process that Could End Gender-Affirming Care at Catholic Hospitals

The U.S. bishops voted unanimously at their spring assembly last week to begin revisions of their medical guidelines that could lead to gender-affirming care being offered at Catholic hospitals. Read More

Cardinal McElroy Calls Anti-LGBTQ+ Spirit a “Demonic Mystery” in Call for Inclusion

The church needs to embark on a journey of radical inclusion, wrote a top U.S. church leader in a new essay that suggests the "profound and visceral animus" towards LGBTQ+ people in the church is a "demonic mystery of the human soul." Read More

U.S. Cardinal Calls for Removal of “Intrinsically Disordered” from Catechism

A U.S. cardinal has called for the language of "intrinsically disordered" to be removed from the catechism, following the publication of an article in which he sought a better, wider welcome for LGBTQ+ people in the church. Read More

LGBTQ+ Topics Are Central to Most Popular Catholic News Stories of 2022

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