Catholic Schools Week: Paving a Queer Way Forward for Ministerial Work

Already, each of us paved our own separate ways through exclusionary sentiments and doctrine in the Church to get to that room.  Read More

Fr. James Keenan: Church Needs a Theology Where Sexuality Is a Gift, Not Curse

“The tradition on sexual ethics led us not to greatness but to negativity and minutiae,“ writes Fr. James Keenan, S.J. a leading Catholic ethicist. In National Catholic Reporter, Keenan traces the historical development of Catholic sexual ethics, showing how it has become increasingly restrictive and negative over time—an analysis with clear implications for LGBTQ+ issues. Read More

DePaul U. Students Seek Anti-LGBTQ+ Group Removal from Campus; Other Updates

With another academic semester concluding, today's post highlights several stories about LGBTQ+ issues in Catholic education. Read More

Boston College Faculty Publish Letter Criticizing University’s Trans-Exclusionary Survey

Faculty and staff at Boston College have published an open letter criticizing university officials for being exclusionary of transgender and non-binary people in a campus survey. Read More

Fr. James Keenan: ‘Is the Church At All Interested in Listening to Transgender People?’

Twenty-two years ago, Fr. James Keenan, SJ,  received a call from a psychotherapist who worked with transgender clients, some of whom were Catholic and asking to talk with a priest. Read More

Boston College Opens New Exhibit Exploring History of LGBTQ Catholics

Boston College has opened a new exhibit exploring the history of LGBTQ Catholics, and it hopes to tell a different story than the common narrative of antagonism between the church and the queer community. Read More

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Signs Petition to Launch LGBTQ Center at Boston College

U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh has signed a petition by Boston College students calling for their university to establish an LGBTQ resource center and add gender identity to the university non-discrimination policy. In a related story, students from the same school have organized a petition opposing the Vatican’s ban on blessing same-gender couples. Read More

Is Vatican Investigation of Fr. Tony Flannery Repeating a Bygone Era? And Other News

Today's post features news about an editorial on the case of Fr. Tony Flannery, a new LGBTQ scholarship at Boston College, and more. Read More

Boston College Again Rejects Student Appeal for LGBTQ Resource Center

Boston College has again rejected student appeals for greater LGBTQ support on a campus, which the college has been slow to provide in contrast to many of its Jesuit university peers.  Read More

CAMPUS CHRONICLES: College President Backs Transgender Student in Philippines; Campus Drag Fundraiser Cancelled; And More

With graduations now underway, today's post features a round-up of LGBTQ-related happenings in Catholic higher education this past semester. Read More