Review: New Book Tells of Gay Man’s Journey Towards Priesthood and Beyond

William Glenn’s "I Came Here Seeking a Person: A Vital Story of Grace; One Gay Man’s Spiritual Journey" is both timely and invaluable for its long perspective, covering a period of time from before Stonewall to today. Read More

New Book, “Hearts Ablaze,” Offers Biblical Parables from a Queer Perspective

A new book offers a “fresh reading of ancient stories,” answering the question, “Where is queerness in Scripture?” Read More

New Catholic LGBTQ+ Book Is a Valuable Contribution to the Church’s Conversation

“The pain of belonging to a religion that does not want to recognize your humanity is apparent throughout God's Works Revealed," writes Rachel Rastelli in a recent review of a new book on Catholic LGBTQ+ issues. Read More

New Books from Pope Francis, Benedict XVI Highlight Contrast on Homosexuality

Statements about gay people appear in two new books, one by Pope Francis and one by Benedict XVI, the deceased pope emeritus, predictably falling along the positive and negative approaches expected of each prelate. Read More

New Books Explore Past, Present, and Future of Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry

Catholic publishers have released three new books that focus on or include LGBTQ+ issues, highlighting the faithful's demand for more resources on building an inclusive church and equal society. Read More

New Book “Queer God de Amor” is “Provocative and Illuminating”

Today's post is a review of Miguel H. Diaz's new book "Queer God de Amor" from Fordham Press. Read More

Abigail Favale’s “The Genesis of Gender” Forgoes Transgender Realities, Writes Reviewer

A new book on Christian ideas about gender fails to do justice to the realities of many transgender and gender nonconforming Catholics, according to a trans book reviewer. Read More

Prominent LGBTQ+ Historian John D’Emilio Publishes Memoir on Catholic Upbringing

A prominent queer historian has recently published a new memoir entitled Memories of a Gay Catholic Boyhood: Coming of Age in the Sixties, combining his journey of coming out and LGBTQ+ activism with his Catholic upbringing.  Read More

Are Pride Month and Sacred Heart Devotion Complementary? Two Authors Say “Yes”

Each year, Catholic publications are publishing more articles and reflections for Pride Month. Today's post features some of this pieces from this June, two of which address the connection between Pride and the Sacred Heart devotion. Read More

New Ways Ministry Launches New Book on LGBTQ Non-Discrimination

A new publication from New Ways Ministry makes the case for why and how Catholics should support non-discrimination initiatives for LGBTQ people in both church and society. Read More