Pope Francis Again Clarifies Blessings for Individuals, Not Unions; And More News

Pope Francis once again addressed the question of blessing LGBTQ+ couples during an interview, clarifying it is the individuals in a same-gender relationship, not the union, which is blessed. Today's post includes this news and more updates on the debate over "Fiducia Supplicans." Read More

Vatican’s Blessings Declaration Is “Essential But Awkward” Progress, Writes Theologian

Xavier Montecel highlights the awkwardness of the declaration’s attempt to maintain church doctrine on same-gender sexual activity while providing what he terms “a pastoral workaround.” Read More

LGBTQ+ Couples Are Not Only to Be Blessed: They Are Blessings to the Church

The debate over Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican's declaration allowing blessings for couples in situations deemed "irregular"y by church leaders, has prompted once LGBTQ+ Catholic to reflect on not only same-gender love, but all forms of love not fully embraced by the church. Read More

North African Bishops Break from Peers, Affirm LGBTQ+ Blessings; And More News

Bishops in North Africa have endorsed "Fiducia Supplicans," the Vatican declaration on blessings, breaking from a African bishops' wider statement rejecting the declaration in harsh terms. Today's post features this story and other development in the debate over blessings same-gender couples and others in "irregular" situations. Read More

German and Flemish Bishops Warmly Welcome Vatican’s Declaration on Blessings

German church leaders have welcomed the Vatican declaration allowing blessings for same-gender couples. Today's post is a collection of their responses, as well as from the Flemish bishops. Read More

Berlin’s Archbishop Will Not Sanction Priests Who Bless LGBTQ+ Couples

A German archbishop has said that while he will not perform blessings of LGBTQ+ couples, no priest or pastoral minister who does so will be sanctioned in his archdiocese, a position he roots in the teachings of Pope Francis. Read More

New Ways Ministry Praises German Church’s Unprecedented Vote for LGBTQ+ Blessings

The following is a statement from Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry’s Executive Director, on today's historic vote in Germany seeking to bless LGBTQ+ couples. Read More

Catholic Leaders, Including Bishop Stowe, Begin Pride Month with Blessing Service

Several Catholic leaders joined DignityUSA to mark the beginning of Pride Month with a prayer service focused on blessing, including one bishop. Read More

Tell Your Stories of LGBTQ Love Through New Series: “You Are a Blessing to Us”

Bondings 2.0 is starting a project called “You Are a Blessing to Us” in which we are asking our blog readers to submit short descriptions of same-gender couples that have been blessings to individuals and to faith communities. Read More

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Signs Petition to Launch LGBTQ Center at Boston College

U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh has signed a petition by Boston College students calling for their university to establish an LGBTQ resource center and add gender identity to the university non-discrimination policy. In a related story, students from the same school have organized a petition opposing the Vatican’s ban on blessing same-gender couples. Read More