LGBTQ+ Advocates Gather at Worcester Diocese’s Chancery to Protest Gender Policy

More than 100 people in Massachusetts gathered to oppose one diocese's new LGBTQ-negative schools policy, adding to sustained criticism of the policy, including from some church officials. Read More

The Diocese of Worcester’s New Gender Policy Is a Bit Too Familiar

My first clue was a misspelling of the Holy Father’s name (“Frances”), which appears in both policies. This error prompted me to take a closer look. Read More

Massachusetts Catholics, LGBTQ+ Advocates Condemn Worcester Diocese’s Gender Policy

Backlash against the Diocese of Worcester's new policy on gender identity has continued, with some LGBTQ+ launching a petition ahead of local Pride celebrations kicking off next month. Read More

Catholic High Schools Refuse to Implement Worcester Bishop’s LGBTQ-Negative Policy

Two Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Worcester have rejected a new diocesan policy on LGBTQ+ issues, saying in a joint letter that the school's current policies are sufficient for "respecting the sacred dignity of the students entrusted to our care." Read More

Worcester Diocese Seeks to Bar LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education from Church Property

A Massachusetts diocese is again in an LGBTQ+ controversy, this time over the use of church property in relation to sex education. Read More

Could the Sanctioning of Nativity School Have Been Handled Differently? | Part Two

The whole controversy about the Nativity School of Worcester and its inclusive flags might benefit from an examination of two theological concepts: potestas and auctoritas Read More

Could the Sanctioning of Nativity School Have Been Handled Differently? | Part One

Could the controversy over the Nativity School of Worcester and its inclusive flags have been handled differently in an authentically Catholic way that would have promoted unity instead of division? Read More

Catholic LGBTQ Advocates, Local Activists Criticize Bishop’s Sanction of Jesuit School

In the weeks since one bishop stripped a Jesuit school of its church affiliation over Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, Catholic LGBTQ advocates and local activists have continued to criticize the bishop's action. Read More

Jesuit School Stands Firm As Bishop Strips It of Catholic Designation Over Pride Flag

A Jesuit school in Massachusetts has said it will not take down Pride and Black Lives Matter flags after the local bishop announced the school would no longer be designated as a Catholic one. Read More

Worcester Bishop Pens Second Letter Criticizing Pride, Black Lives Matter Flags at School

A bishop has sustained his criticism of a Catholic school for flying Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, issuing a second letter, in which he writes that the church cannot "condone transgenderism." Read More