Catholics Resist Bay Area Bishops’ Letter Denying Transgender Identities

Catholic parents and community members have strongly resisted a transgender-negative joint letter from two California bishops this fall. Read More

Catholic School Staff, Parents, Students Protest Oakland Diocese’s Proposed Gender Policy

A Catholic school community in California is trying to stop a transgender-negative policy from being released by the diocese, saying the bishop and diocesan officials have failed to dialogue and engage real concerns. Read More

Deacon Apologizes for Harmful Tweet Targeting Grieving Transgender Catholic

A Catholic deacon has apologized after making anti-transgender comments on social media in the wake of the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs last month. Read More

Top U.S. Bishops Issue Letter of Support for Legislation Targeting Transgender Athletes

Two committee chairs for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have stated their support for a federal anti-transgender bill that would cut off  Title IX funding from schools which permit transgender women to compete athletically with cisgender women. Read More

While Oakland Diocese Relaxes Teacher Contract, San Francisco Tightens Theirs

Two dioceses on either side of the San Francisco Bay have taken different approaches to... Read More

New Employment Contract Clauses Raise a Host of Issues

Oakland, California’s Bishop Michael Barber issued a statement recently to try to clarify the new... Read More

NEWS NOTES: March 7, 2014

Here are some items you may find of interest: 1.  Oakland, California’s Bishop Michael Barber... Read More