Bishop John Stowe Reaffirms Support for Transgender Diocesan Hermit

The Diocese of Lexintgon, Kentucky, led by Bishop John Stowe, has reaffirmed its support for a vowed diocesan hermit who recently came out as transgender, acknowledging “his witness of discipleship, integrity and contemplative prayer for the Church.” Read More

Vowed Hermit Comes Out as Transgender with Support of Bishop Stowe

In what is perhaps an historical first, a diocesan hermit has come out as transgender, and has done so with the support of his local bishop. The hermit's hope is to expand what gender-diverse Catholics understand to be possible for them in the church. Read More

From Talking “About” to Talking “With”: Encountering the Queer Catholic Community in Germany

"Queerness in the Catholic Church" is an invitation to engage, an opportunity to listen, and an example of how we can work toward building a community marked by desire, love, and blessedness. Read More

Bishop Stowe: Legislators’ Priorities Must Include Care for LGBTQ+ People

As state legislatures in the U.S. begin new sessions, one Catholic bishop's exhortation from last fall to focus more on helping people's material conditions and less on fighting LGBTQ+ equality seem prescient. Read More

Bishop John Stowe: Blessing LGBTQ+ Couples “Almost Signifies God’s Approval”

Last Monday, the Vatican released a document from Pope Francis in which he expressed an openness to church blessings for same-gender couples. A number of Catholic leaders have responded positively, including Lexington's Bishop John Stowe. Read More

Can Church Teaching Change? LGBTQ+ Advocates Say Yes

“Can the church change?” That question is the headline of a new article in U.S. Catholic. Author Don Clemmer attempts to answer this question, which is often asked by many LGBTQ+ Catholics longing to see the church embrace more inclusive teachings. Read More

New Book Offers “New Ways and Next Steps” for LGBTQ+ Parish Ministry

A new book to help Catholic parishes develop LGBTQ+ ministry is being published in September 2023 by Liturgical Press, a leading Catholic publishing house. The author is Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry's executive director. Read More

Queer Theory and Theology Can Help Widen Church’s Understandings of God and Creation

Catholic theologians are recognizing how queer theory and queer theology can provide understandings of both God and humanity beyond dualistic ideas about gender. Read More

Bishop John Stowe Acknowledges “Particularly Hard Year” As Pride Begins; And More News

Today's post contains news about a Pride message sent out by Bishop John Stowe, new writings by LGBTQ+ Catholics, and more. Read More

Three More Bishops Seek Change in Church Teachings on Homosexuality

Three more bishops have expressed a desire for the church to reconsider the language of disorder in church teachings on homosexuality. Read More