German and Flemish Bishops Warmly Welcome Vatican’s Declaration on Blessings

German church leaders have welcomed the Vatican declaration allowing blessings for same-gender couples. Today's post is a collection of their responses, as well as from the Flemish bishops. Read More

Catholics Protest Cardinal, Bless LGBTQ+ Couples Outside German Cathedral

Several Catholic priests in Germany held a blessing ceremony for same-gender couples, defying the local archbishop who does not permit such liturgies. Read More

German Catholics Criticize Cardinal’s Decision to Censure Priest Who Blessed Queer Couples

A leader of Germany's influential lay Catholic organization has criticized the cardinal who censured a priest for conducting a blessing liturgy inclusive of queer couples. Read More

German Priests Explain Why They Celebrated and Blessed Same-Gender Couples

Priests are speaking out about why they are participating in the "#liebegewinnt (Love Wins)" campaign this week, which includes more than 100 events in Germany and Switzerland to bless same-gender couples. Read More

Majority of Synodal Way’s Sexuality Forum Wants Same-Gender Blessings, Says Co-Chair

A co-chair of the German Synodal Way's working group on sexuality said that a majority of the forum's members had expressed support for blessing same-gender couples, even after the Vatican attempted to ban such blessings. Read More