Submissions for You Are a Blessing to Us

You may want to consider these questions as you write your description below.

  • What are the couple’s strongest characteristics or virtues?  For what are they best-known in your faith community?
  • Is there one particular story that epitomizes their contributions and gifts? It doesn’t have to be a dramatic story.  Perhaps it is a small, interpersonal one.
  • In practical ways, how would you and/or your faith community be different if the couple were not a part of it?
  • Is there a particular scripture verse or story which they exemplify? A particular saint or saints that they remind you of?
  • Has the couple had to overcome any obstacles to participate in your community?
  • What have been some of the responses of others in your community to the couple?

Deadline for submissions is May 21, 2021 by 5:00 pm Eastern U.S. Time

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