In Their Own Words, LGBT and Ally Catholics Explain Why They Stay In the Church

Even with recent years' positive steps in the church, remaining Catholic can be deeply challenging for LGBT people and their loved ones. Sacramental denials, harsh rhetoric, and church worker firings are simply the surface of the violence church officials inflict and the question of "Why stay?" remains real and relevant. Read More

Did the Vatican Really Ban Transgender Godparents?

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's ruling against a trans* man in Spain becoming a godparent quickly became news that the Vatican had barred transgender godparents. Is that, however, really what is happening? If not, what is to be made of this ruling going forward? Read More

Gay Catholic to Welcome Pope Francis with President Obama, While Others Call for Greater Dialogue

When President Barack Obama welcomes Pope Francis to the White House later this month, he will do so accompanied by a young gay Catholic but many are still criticizing the pontiff for failing to encounter more intentionally some LGBT Catholics in the U.S. Read More

Philadelphia Archdiocese's Morality Pledge Reveals Contrasting Visions of Church

With just over two weeks until Pope Francis arrives in the U.S., the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced a new Catholic identity pledge that all parents with children in Catholic schools will be forced to sign.  Read More

Let’s Have a World Meeting of ALL Families

Today’s post is written by a guest blogger: Deacon Ray Dever of St. Paul Catholic Church,... Read More

New Location and New Opinions on LGBT Catholic Events in Philadelphia

An important location update about the eviction from a Philadelphia Catholic parish of New Ways... Read More

What The People of God Would Say to Pope Francis

A few days ago, we asked Bondings 2.0 readers what you would say about LGBT issues... Read More

Philly Archbishop Evicts LGBT Events Scheduled for World Meeting of Families; New Ways Ministry and Equally Blessed Respond

New Ways Ministry’s workshop,  “Transforming Love:  Gender Identity from Catholic Perspectives” workshop, which was scheduled... Read More

What Would You Say to Pope Francis about LGBT Issues in the Church?

A few months back, the Jesuit-weekly America asked high-profile Catholics ranging from Stephen Colbert to James Keenan what they would say to Pope Francis if they were afforded five minutes with the pontiff. Read More

How Pope Francis' Message of Encounter Might Cause a "Miracle" This September

Calls for Pope Francis to address LGBT issues during his September visit to the United States are mounting, but few expect truly positive engagement from the pontiff on the American Church's most disputed topic. Still, real change could happen if model Pope Francis' commitment to encounter and to conversation, a "miracle" of sorts if it should happen. Read More