Quotes from Cardinals and an Archbishop on LGBT Issues at WMF

Some quotations on LGBT issues from Catholic prelates during the World Meeting of Families. Read More

Ireland’s Leaders Greet Pope Francis With Confident Pro-LGBT References

Pope Francis arrived in Dublin on Saturday, and almost immediately LGBT issues were raised as part of the discussion. Read More

At WMF, Car Exhibit Displays Same-Sex Love in Stained Glass

Though two Catholic organizations with a pro-LGBT message were excluded from exhibiting at the World Meeting of Families,  a commercial exhibit that was provided space offered a unique and creative pro-LGBT message. Read More

Rainbow Choir Sings to WMF and Asks Church Leaders to “Hear Our Voices”

Certainly one of the most memorable events of the World Meeting of Families week in Dublin was a musical performance held literally and figuratively "outside the gates" of the pastoral congress' venue.  Read More

Ha’Penny Bridge Umbrellas and Ribbons Welcome Pope Francis to Dublin

Pope Francis arrived in Dublin to be greeted by supporters of LGBT equality and justice for those who've been sexually abused by clergy. Read More

WMF Expert Panelists Agree: Gay Priests are NOT the Cause of Clerical Sex Abuse

At the World Meeting of Families, the clergy sex abuse crisis is the #1 topic of controversy, even more than LGBT inclusion. But today the dots were connected between these two discussions. Read More

BREAKING NEWS from WMF: Deacon Who Is Father of Transgender and Bisexual Daughters Assists Liturgically at Closing Mass

Deacon Ray Dever, who is the father of a transgender daughter and a bisexual daughter, and who has written eloquently here on Bondings 2.0  about his special family and ministerial roles, is currently serving liturgically at the closing Mass of of the Pastoral Congress portion of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin.  Read More

You Never Know What You Will Find at the World Meeting of Families!

The last place in the world where I would expecting to find an all-gender bathroom is the World Meeting of Families. Read More

Fr. James Martin Urges Welcome and Respect for LGBT Catholics at WMF

The movement in the United States and around the world to create LGBT-friendly parishes, which has worked for decades to welcome and include marginalized and alienated people, finally came into its own this week when, at the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Jesuit Father James Martin addressed the gathering about creating inclusive Catholic communities. Read More

Rainbows Over the World Meeting of Families

This evening in Dublin, in the sky above the venue of the Vatican's World Meeting of Families, two separate rainbows appeared about an hour apart from each other.  Read More