The Canon of Queer Catholic Saints Requires Some Invention, Writes Theologian

In a recent National Catholic Reporter essay, Flora X. Tang, a doctoral student at the University of Notre Dame, shared a beautiful reflection on what she describes as the “unofficial canon of queer Catholic saints.” Read More

Abigail Favale’s “The Genesis of Gender” Forgoes Transgender Realities, Writes Reviewer

A new book on Christian ideas about gender fails to do justice to the realities of many transgender and gender nonconforming Catholics, according to a trans book reviewer. Read More

Transgender Patient Denied Care by Catholic Hospital Wins Discrimination Lawsuit

A federal court has ruled that a Catholic hospital violated the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by denying a transgender man gender-affirming healthcare. Read More

Top German Lay Catholic Organizations Endorses New Transgender Rights Legislation

Two of Germany's top Catholic lay organizations have endorsed proposed civil legislation to expand transgender rights. Read More

Monastery Investigating Priest for Giving Anti-LGBTQ+ Christmas Homily

A monastery in Germany has begun investigating one of its members over an anti-LGBTQ+ homily delivered in December, while the local bishop offered his own condemnation of the priest's remarks. Read More

Iowa Diocese’s New Gender Policy Refers to Transgender Healthcare as “Mutilation”

An Iowa diocese is being criticized after its new gender policy was leaked last week, which refers to gender-affirming healthcare as "mutilation" and bans such treatments on church property. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Outnumber Anti-Transgender Protestors at Catholic School

LGBTQ+ advocates showed up in strong numbers to counter-demonstrate an anti-transgender protest organized near a Catholic high school in Ontario. Read More

Three Years Later, Theologians Reflect on Vatican’s Trans-Negative Schools Document

America recently published a conversation between two theologians who were looking back, three years later, at the Vatican's then-Congregation for Catholic Education’s (CCE) 2019 instruction ​​“‘Male and Female He Created Them’: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education.” Read More

Indonesian Catholics Protest Provincial Ban on LGBTQ+ Education; And More News

Today's post features news about Catholics advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in Indonesia, a Milwaukee parish's Mass for inclusion, and more. Read More

Like Advent, Transgender Catholic Writes of “Uncertainty and Waiting” In Gender Journey

A transgender Catholic has written an Advent reflection on the experience of waiting and surprise when it comes to their journey of sexuality and gender.  Read More