Vatican Intervention Causes Bishop to (Again) Reject Trans* Man as Godparent

The Vatican has intervened to prevent a transgender man in Spain from being a godparent, causing the local ordinary to again reverse his decision in the case just as plans for the baptism were moving forward. Read More

Let’s Have a World Meeting of ALL Families

Today’s post is written by a guest blogger: Deacon Ray Dever of St. Paul Catholic Church,... Read More

Transgender Catholic Initially Rejected as Godparent Now Welcomed–And Other Positive Developments

A trans* man in Spain will now be allowed to be his nephew’s godparent, reversing the... Read More

Historically Catholic Nations Lead on Transgender & Intersex Civil Rights

Transgender Italians can now self-declare their gender identity on official records following a court ruling, another sign of historically Catholic nations' increasing leadership in expanding rights for trans and intersex communities. Read More

Church 'Fully Supportive' of Trans People Who Transition, Says Top Official

Transgender identities are not a doctrinal matter, says a top church official in England, adding the church would be fully supportive of individuals who decide to transition including Pope Francis. Read More

Caitlyn Jenner, The Archbishop, Fr. Barron, and Me

Caitlyn Jenner's coming out via Vanity Fair and the ensuing national conversation has triggered some foolish responses from Catholic clergy.  Read More

San Francisco Archbishop on Caitlyn Jenner: Trans* Identities Undermine Faith

San Francisco's archbishop said trans* people threaten the Catholic faith while speaking in New York last week, adding yet another incident to his lengthy anti-LGBT record and reiterating his image of church which varies so greatly from Catholic in his archdiocese. Read More

Influenced by Catholic Upbringing, Artist's "Queer Icons" Offer Windows to God

Icons, for many Christians, are windows to God. They make what is Ultimate real through divinely-inspired yet human artistry. Worldly subjects, almost exclusively holy people and their environments, draw readers outward and upward beyond what is present towards what is Holy. Read More

On Mother's Day: A Synod of Moms to Advise the Pope

I never get tired of telling people that Catholic parents of LGBT people are among... Read More

Rick Santorum Affirms Bruce Jenner's Coming Out, Revealing the Value of Sharing Stories

In an atypical remark, politician Rick Santorum, who is Catholic, spoke positively about Bruce Jenner's coming out last weekend though affirming his notorious anti-gay views. Is this a hopeful sign that conservative Catholics might welcome trans* people more readily? Read More