NEXT STEPS: What Do LGBTQ People BRING TO a Parish?

Today’s installment of our "Next Steps" series explores the experiences, gifts, and talents that LGBTQ people bring to a parish community. Read More

NEXT STEPS: What Do LGBTQ People Want–And NOT Want–From a Parish?

How can you be more welcoming of LGBTQ people in your parish? By learning what they seek and do not seek in a faith community. Read More

NEXT STEPS: Examining Your Parish or Faith Community

What is your parish or faith community ready for in terms of LGBTQ ministry? Learn how to find out by doing a simple parish assessment and inventory. Read More

Next Steps: Catholic Church Teaching About LGBTQ Pastoral Ministry

Since the 1970s, Catholic Church leaders have issued strong calls for pastoral ministry to LGBTQ people, yet so few Catholics know about this tradition. Read More

Next Steps: Catholic Church Teaching About Prejudice, Discrimination, and LGBTQ Civil Rights

This area of church teaching on LGBTQ issues has much less to do with LGBTQ people and much more to do with the wider community.  It calls on this wider community to check their own attitudes, assumptions, and misconceptions about LGBTQ people. Read More

Next Steps: Catholic Church Teaching About Homosexuality

Were you to ask an average person on the street what the Catholic Church teaches about LGBTQ people, perhaps one of the most common answers you would get is “The Catholic Church? They’re against them.” However, that impression is wrong. Read More

Next Steps: Experiencing the Call to LGBTQ Ministry

To begin our journey to take the next steps toward developing LGBTQ ministry, we are starting with something with which you should be very familiar: you. Read More

Next Steps: Developing Catholic LGBTQ Ministry–An Online Series

Announcing an online series to help Catholic parish ministers and volunteers learn how to start or further enhance LGBTQ ministry in their communities Read More