NEWS NOTES: April 18, 2014

Here are some follow-up news items to previous posts: 1)  The Tablet reported that Conor Burns,... Read More

Prominent Gay Musician Fired from Catholic Parish

A gay church worker’s firing from 2013 has just recently become public. Mike McMahon, a... Read More

How Can Ordinary Catholics Respond to the Firing of LGBT Church Employees?

Responding  to the terrible trend of LGBT church employees being fired from their jobs has... Read More

Hawaii Catholic Schools Add Tougher Morality Clause to Teacher Contracts

Catholics schools in Hawaii have revised the contract for teachers, adding an an amplified morality... Read More

Kansas Catholic Lawmaker: LGBT Non-Discrimination Law is a "No-Brainer"

A Catholic lawmaker in Kansas introduced an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination bill last Tuesday. This bill is... Read More

Cincinnati Archdiocese's New Morality Clauses Set Troubling Precedents

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has amplified the morality clause in its contract for Catholic school... Read More

LGBT Rainbows Are Appearing Over Ireland

In the very, very Catholic nation of Ireland, LGBT equality has been growing by leaps... Read More

Seattle Students Continue Challenging Injustices in Catholic Education

In Seattle, Eastside Catholic High School’s decision to fire gay administrator Mark Zmuda after marrying... Read More

NEWS NOTES: March 7, 2014

Here are some items you may find of interest: 1.  Oakland, California’s Bishop Michael Barber... Read More

Firing LGBT Educators Can Be a Teaching Moment — For What NOT To Do

The outcry against terminating employees of Catholic institutions because they are not considered to be... Read More