Next Year's St. Pat's Parade May Not Be As Inclusive as This Year's Was

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Influenced by Catholic Upbringing, Artist's "Queer Icons" Offer Windows to God

Icons, for many Christians, are windows to God. They make what is Ultimate real through divinely-inspired yet human artistry. Worldly subjects, almost exclusively holy people and their environments, draw readers outward and upward beyond what is present towards what is Holy. Read More

Vatican Family Official Thanks TV's "Modern Family" for Revealing Reality

A Vatican official praised the television show "Modern Family" for raising interest in the complexities of family life today, saying this ties in well with Pope Francis' initiatives to address pastoral care issues through the synods. Read More

New Book Reveals Bisexual Actress Maria Bello Has Reclaimed Her Catholic Identity

Actress Maria Bello's new book on identity raises questions about the labels used for ourselves and others and, in recent interviews, she opens up about reclaiming her identity as a Catholic while remaining proudly LGBT too. Read More

Rick Santorum Affirms Bruce Jenner's Coming Out, Revealing the Value of Sharing Stories

In an atypical remark, politician Rick Santorum, who is Catholic, spoke positively about Bruce Jenner's coming out last weekend though affirming his notorious anti-gay views. Is this a hopeful sign that conservative Catholics might welcome trans* people more readily? Read More

Puerto Rico's Archbishop Calls for Referendum As Marriage Law Is Ignored

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St. Patrick's Day Parades Increasingly Inclusive, But Still Controversial

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Catholic High School Swiftly Deals with Religion Teacher's Anti-Gay Tirade

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St. Patrick's Day Parades in NY and Boston Remain Controversial on LGBT Issues

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LGBT Groups, Politicians Criticize NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade for Lack of Irish Identity

LGBT and political leaders are again criticizing New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade for its handling openly gay contingents. Read More