Raising Our Voices in the Wilderness

As LGBTQ+ individuals, we can dwell in hope alongside our allies and join the voices that are already announcing God’s holy path in the desert. Read More

New Photo Collage Honors Sister Jeannine Gramick’s 50 Years of LGBTQ Ministry

In 1971, Sister Jeannine Gramick, New Ways Ministry's co-founder, began ministry with LGBTQ people. She was prompted by a young gay man's question: "What is your church doing for people like me?" Read More

Catholic Leaders Seek Right to Discriminate in Federally-Funded Childcare Programs

Catholic leaders, including the U.S. bishops, have joined an interfaith letter that seeks provisions in Build Back Better Act's childcare and pre-kindergarten programs allowing discrimination, including against LGBTQ people.   Read More

Yes, Transphobia is a Sin: A Response to Clifford Longley

Clifford Longley argues for the inherent dignity of trans people, yet he does not unequivocally condemn transphobia as a sin. As LGBTQ people and allies, what do we do with Longley’s position? Read More

On World AIDS Day, The Story of a Gay Catholic Couple’s Ministry to the Disease’s Victims

As we commemorate World AIDS Day today, we remember those who have lost their lives and honor all who courageously and lovingly open their arms to the suffering. Since the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s, a gay couple in upstate New York have opened their home to people with the disease. Read More

Giving Tuesday: Celebrate Sister Jeannine’s 50 Years of LGBTQ Ministry!

It’s Giving Tuesday, the annual day during the pre-Christmas shopping season set aside to encourage... Read More

LGBTQ Advocates Protest Ice Rink Sponsorship By Catholic-Linked Healthcare System

LGBTQ advocates in California have called for an end to local sponsorships by a healthcare system that includes Catholic hospitals that discriminating against transgender patients. Read More

A Decade of Bondings 2.0

Let's celebrate today! Read More

As We Enter Advent, Recalling How We Are Knit in the Womb

What keeps us from hearing God’s words through the prophet Isaiah when he writes, “I have called you by name, you are mine, you are precious to me and I love you”? Read More

In North Dakota and Nebraska, Catholic Officials Work Against LGBTQ-Inclusive School Policies

Catholic officials in North Dakota and Nebraska have sought to stop LGBTQ-inclusive policies from being enacted at state-sponsored colleges and universities. Read More