Gonzaga University Celebrates LGBTQ Students with Lavender Mass

At Catholic university's support for LGBTQ students was expressed recently through the Catholic liturgy. Read More

Expanding Our Images of God By Encountering the Other

We must connect more and more with our human nature, with ourselves, and with those different than us so that our idea of God becomes more expansive. Read More

Lesbian Woman Files Discrimination Lawsuit Involving U.S. Bishops’ Foster Care Funding

A lesbian woman in Nashville is suing the U.S. government after she was twice rejected from being a foster parent to unaccompanied migrant children, which she believes is discrimination based on her sexual orientation. Read More

Xavier University Celebrates First Ever Pride Week with “Gayla”

The U.S.' only historically Black Catholic college has celebrated its first Pride Week, which was an effort to show LGBTQ people the campus is "unequivocally their home," according to one staff member. Read More

National Catholic Reporter’s Editor Asks: Is Tide Turning on LGBTQ Church Worker Firings?

Is the tide on firing LGBTQ employees at Catholic schools turning? This question was asked by National Catholic Reporter's executive editor Heidi Schlumpf in a recent column. Read More

Brooklyn Diocese Fires Gay Church Worker Described By Supporter As “Love Incarnate”

A New York diocese has fired a church worker over his same-gender marriage, a church worker who one supporter described as "love incarnate." Read More

Top Jesuit Superior Praises Brazilian Priests’s Book on LGBTQ Theology

The world's top Jesuit has praised a member of the religious order for his book on LGBTQ theology, saying the book has "many merits." Read More

Bishops in New Zealand Endorse Proposed Law Banning Conversion Therapy

New Zealand's bishops have issued their qualified support for legislation that would ban conversion therapy in that country. Read More

The God Who Named You Mother

A Catholic mother from Texas recently reached out to New Ways Ministry for support. While I spoke with her, she wept. “I am fighting to hold on to my family’s faith,” she said.  Read More

Not Using Preferred Names and Pronouns Is “Unchristian and Sinful,” Says Fr. Dan Horan

A Catholic defense of using preferred gender pronouns and names was penned by a theologian in the National Catholic Reporter last week, who said the significance of naming has great power. Read More