Gay Priest Already Fired from Job, Now Suspended from Ministry by Archdiocese

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NEWS NOTES: March 22, 2016

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Conversation on Gay Catholic Priests Expanded by New Article

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Newark's Communion Denial Policy Hasn't Caught On With Pastors and People

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How Pope Francis' Message of Encounter Might Cause a "Miracle" This September

Calls for Pope Francis to address LGBT issues during his September visit to the United States are mounting, but few expect truly positive engagement from the pontiff on the American Church's most disputed topic. Still, real change could happen if model Pope Francis' commitment to encounter and to conversation, a "miracle" of sorts if it should happen. Read More

23,000 Signature Petition Asks Archbishop Chaput to Protect LGBT Teachers

Fired church worker Margie Winters left 23,000 petition signatures at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's offices on Monday, demanding Archbishop Charles Chaput end the firing of LGBT church workers and respect Catholic schools' autonomy. Read More

Archbishop Chaput Responds Negatively to Catholic Mother of Two Gay Sons

Archbishop Charles Chaput responded to a Catholic mother's letter in curt and non-pastoral language, drawing out further the contract between Philadelphia's prelate and his upcoming guest, Pope Francis, at the World Meeting of Families in September. Read More

Letter Asks Pope Francis to Encounter LGBT Catholics During U.S. Visit

A coalition of Catholic, LGBT, and Hispanic groups have invited Pope Francis to meet with LGBT Catholics during his U.S. visit in September, contrasting the exclusionary policies of the 2015 World Meeting of Families. Read More

Fired New Jersey Priest Asks Pope Francis to Defend LGBT Church Workers

A priest fired for opposing anti-gay bullying has written to Pope Francis, asking the pontiff to stem the expulsion of LGBT church workers. Read More

Ugandan Catholic Priest Calls for a Worldwide 'Sexual Refugee' Program

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