Detroit Archbishop: Breaking Up Gay Relationships Is Like Moses Leading Hebrews Out of Egypt

Catholics protested a Michigan conference highlighting gay-negative views, including Archbishop Allen Vigneron's suggestion that breaking up same-gender relationships is comparable to Moses leading the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Read More

Detroit Archbishop Softens Stance on Communion Denial to Pro-Equality Catholics

Detroit's Archbishop Allen Vigneron may finally be experiencing the 'Francis Effect,' softening his stance on Communion for pro-marriage equality Catholics as he welcomes an anti-gay ministry to town. Read More

On Marriage Equality, Sweeping Changes Possible But Much Remains the Same for Catholics

Tomorrow's oral arguments heard by U.S. Supreme Court could be the pathway to a nationwide right for same-gender couples to marry, a decision that will likely be by Catholic Justice Anthony Kennedy's swing vote. Either way, much will after oral arguments are concluded and a decision is announced in several months, much will remain the same for Catholics.  Read More

Church Worker Dispute Unites Community, Prompts Students to Come Out

Though church officials' attacks on LGBT church workers continue, faith communities are increasingly resisting such discrimination being perpetuated in their name. Here are the details of one such community, Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines.  Read More

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Widen the Synod Circle with Diverse Voices

“WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” is  Bondings 2.0′s series on how Catholics–the hierarchy and laity–can... Read More

Pope Speaks of Parents of LGBTs, As Video Series Examines Family Experiences

It is refreshing to hear Pope Francis listening to parents, including the Pirolas but also those he met while offering pastoral care in Argentina. What will be even more meaningful... Read More

SYNOD: What Are Catholics to Make of the Last Two Weeks?

Catholics are still sorting through the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops’ happenings and documents from the... Read More

SYNOD: Catholics, Media Respond to Bishops' Report Calling it "Revolutionary" & a "Pastoral Earthquake"

Revolutionary earthquake or unofficial report? This question about the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops’ relatio post disceptationem, or... Read More

Courage Workshops Face Protests in Detroit and Santa Rosa

Catholics in Detroit braved the cold to protest Courage International’s presence at a local seminary,... Read More

The Best of 2013 in Catholic LGBT News

Yesterday, we posted our list of the worst of 2013 in Catholic LGBT news.  Today,... Read More