As Australian Vote Concludes, Catholics Should ‘Vote Yes’ on Reconciliation and the Common Good

Yesterday was the final day for Australians to submit ballots in the nation's postal survey over marriage equality, a debate in which Catholics have been heavily involved. With the results to be announced in less than two weeks, it is time for Catholics to consider what comes next. Read More

Gay Couples’ Love is “Like the Love of Friends,” Says Australian Bishop

An Australian bishop has said same-gender couples' love is "like the love of friends" and compared their relationships to incestual relationship, all while weighing in as the nation's postal survey on marriage equality that continues through early November. . . Read More

Two Australian Bishops: Respect Consciences in Vote Over Marriage Equality

Two Australian bishops have released moderated statements about marriage equality, a contrast to the sometimes... Read More

Around the Globe, LGBT Progress in Catholic Education is Slow, But Happening

Catholic education is a foremost way by which the church influences the world, educating millions of... Read More

Sydney Archdiocese In Marriage Equality Brouhaha Concerning Supportive Businesses

Reports have surfaced that the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia, may have threatened to withdraw from businesses... Read More

Australian Bishops Face Discrimination Complaint Over Anti-Marriage Book

Australia’s bishops are facing a discrimination complaint about an anti-marriage equality publication they published earlier this year,... Read More

Progressive Catholic Ousts Anti-Equality Catholic in Australian Leadership Vote

Australians have a new prime minister after a leadership vote ousted the heavily criticized Tony Abbott, a Catholic, in favor of a more progressive Catholic who supports marriage equality. Read More

Marriage Equality Momentum Grows in Philippines, While Australia's Catholic PM Keeps Up Opposition

Marriage equality's global progress is still limited, legal in only twenty-one nations so far, but historically Catholic areas keep advancing LGBT rights. Below, Bondings 2.0 offers updates about several relevant developments in the Philippines, Australia, and elsewhere. Read More

Bishops Down Under Offer Over-the-Top Rhetoric as Marriage Equality Approaches

Australia's political leaders are slowly moving towards marriage equality, prompted by successful developments in Ireland and then the United States, movement prompting aggressive action from the nation's Catholic bishops. Read More

SYNOD 2015: Differing Expectations from High-Ranking Dominican Prelates

As preparations begin for the 2015 Synod on the Family, two high-ranking church leaders are offering their thoughts for what might happen next October. Read More