This year’s Advent reflections are premised on the understanding that until all people are free, no one is liberated. Work for LGBT justice is integrally bound to work for racial justice and the many other pursuits of justice and equality which intersect them. Each Sunday, an LGBTQ or Ally writer will reflect on this intersection of race, gender, and sexuality within the church and within our lives. We welcome you to join the conversation in the “Comments” section of each blog post.

Christian Rodriguez

Christian Rodriguez

First Sunday of Advent

Christian is a master’s student at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

His reflection is titled "Beacons of Patience and Hope: A Queer Advent Journey with the Holy Family."

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Craig Ford

Craig Ford

Second Sunday of Advent

Craig is a doctoral candidate in Theological Ethics at Boston College.

His reflection is titled "On Being a Hero: Reflections for the Second Sunday of Advent."

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Ronald Amiscaray

Third Sunday of Advent

Katherine Grimes

Fourth Sunday of Advent