Vatican Letter Critical of Pro-LGBTQ+ German Catholics Escalates Tensions

The conflict between German Catholics and the Vatican has reached a new low. The Vatican released a letter criticizing the German church, specifically about has and women's ordination, while one top bishop forcefully defended the German faithful's efforts. Read More

“Ready or Not, Here I Come!”

Waking to this truth empowers LGBTQ+ Catholics to be watchful of God's enduring presence in our lives, and it helps us cultivate a readiness to encounter the Spirit. Read More

Michigan Parish Files Court Appeal to Undercut LGBTQ+ Protections

A Michigan Catholic parish and school has appealed a court ruling against its challenge of a state law enhancing non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+, and, troublingly, the school's cause is becoming an interfaith effort. Read More

Top Cardinal from Ghana Condemns Country’s New Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

The Vatican's former top peace and justice official has condemned laws criminalizing homosexuality, saying greater understanding is needed. Read More

Students Protest Cleveland Bishop’s Transgender-Negative Policy

Students and alumni from Catholic schools in Cleveland have continued protests against a new diocesan policy restricting the rights of LGBTQ+ students and staff. Read More

Catholic Leaders in India Hail Supreme Court’s Anti-Marriage Equality Ruling

Several Catholic leaders in India have hailed a judicial ruling that the nation's Parliament, not its courts, must decide whether to legalize marriage equality. Read More

12. . . Will You Help Make It 13?

As of today, we have published Bondings 2.0 for twelve years—not missing one day, totaling some 4,774 posts with the latest Catholic LGBTQ+ news, opinion, and spirituality. Help us celebrate! Read More

Vatican’s Transgender Guidance “Very, Very Positive” Step, Say Irish Priests

An Irish organization of Catholic priests has responded positively to the Vatican’s recent guidance about transgender people and the sacraments, with the priests group describing the guidance as a “very, very positive” step. Read More

The Anti-Fascist Feast of Christ the King

Today, the last Sunday of the liturgical year, is designated as the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. This title rubs me the wrong way, as it often has. Read More

After Cancelling LGBTQ+ Mass, Pittsburgh Diocese Holds Inclusion Liturgy; And More News

This fall, the Synod on Synodality’s October assembly dominated news coverage as perhaps the most significant Catholic event since Vatican II. As a result, some Catholic LGBTQ+ news did not make it onto Bondings 2.0—yet. Yesterday and today's posts feature stories and commentaries not yet covered, with links provided if you would like to learn more. Read More