Catholic Schools in Lafayette Diocese Are Latest to Impose Anti-Transgender Policy

The Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana is implementing a new policy requiring students, parents, faculty, and staff at Catholic schools to wear clothing and use the pronouns of “each person’s God-given sexual identity and biological sex at birth.” Read More

Married Gay Couple Preaches at Mass About the Miracles of Parenting and Their Parish

Parishioners at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago gathered for Mass on Father’s Day weekend listened as two married gay men offered a reflection at Mass together. Read More

Anti-Transgender Laws “Shame and Shun” Stigmatized Youth, Writes Commonweal Editor

New proposed laws that would jeopardize the autonomy of transgender youth serve “ to shame and shun an already stigmatized and often defenseless group of people,” wrote the managing editor of a leading Catholic publication. Read More

Franciscan Healthcare System to Deny Fertility Treatments to Most LGBTQ+ Employees

A hospital system run by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Illinois will begin covering fertility treatments in their employees’ health plans only to people in heterosexual marriages. Read More

“Gird Your Loins” in an Age of Polarization

When we meet Jesus, both at the end and in our daily encounters with Christ in the people and world around us, will we be found doing what we should be doing? Read More

Archbishop Coleridge: Church Must Develop Welcoming Approach to LGBTQ+ Issues

For Australia's Archbishop Mark Coleridge, the global synodal process centers on one clear challenge: “the question of how the Catholic Church might become a more welcoming and inclusive community without abandoning long-held understandings.” New approaches to LGBTQ+ people can spring from these general ideas. Read More

U.S. Bishops Oppose Proposed Federal Healthcare Protections for LGBTQ+ Patients

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced changes to regulations based on the Affordable Care Act that are being criticized by the U.S. bishops’ conference over religious liberty concerns. Read More

Archbishop Wester Encourages Baptism for Children of LGBTQ+ Parents

A U.S. archbishop has encouraged pastors to baptize the children of LGBTQ+ parents, including those in same-gender relationships. Read More

Could the Sanctioning of Nativity School Have Been Handled Differently? | Part Two

The whole controversy about the Nativity School of Worcester and its inclusive flags might benefit from an examination of two theological concepts: potestas and auctoritas Read More

Could the Sanctioning of Nativity School Have Been Handled Differently? | Part One

Could the controversy over the Nativity School of Worcester and its inclusive flags have been handled differently in an authentically Catholic way that would have promoted unity instead of division? Read More