A Critique of Archbishop Chaput’s Charges Against Fr. James Martin

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia penned a critique of Jesuit Father James Martin’s pastoral outreach to LGBT people. Unfortunately, Archbishop Chaput is wrong in almost all of his assertions. Read More

QUOTE TO NOTE: What Archbishop Chaput Has Wrong

Perhaps no one did more to raise the profile of LGBT issues at the synod on youth than Philadelphia's Archbishop Charles Chaput.  Read on to learn about his latest statement on the topic. Read More

Archbishop Chaput’s Synod Comment on LGBTQ People Explains Why Catholic Church Is in So Much Trouble

Archbishop Charles Chaput's statement about LGBT Catholics at the synod on youth yesterday is a perfect example of how some church leaders have been so blinded by ideological homophobia and transphobia that they cannot perceive plain human facts accurately.  His comments reflect the dangerous avoidance mentality that is the cause of the clergy sexual abuse scandal and so many of the ills which plague the Catholic Church today. Read More

On New Catholic LGBT Book, Jamie Manson and Archbishop Chaput Find Common Ground

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Why Are Burke & Chaput Now Calling for Less Papal Power?

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Archbishop Chaput’s Pastoral Restrictions Are a Losing Strategy

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Cupich vs. Chaput: Examining the Tensions in the Synod

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23,000 Signature Petition Asks Archbishop Chaput to Protect LGBT Teachers

Fired church worker Margie Winters left 23,000 petition signatures at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's offices on Monday, demanding Archbishop Charles Chaput end the firing of LGBT church workers and respect Catholic schools' autonomy. Read More

Archbishop Chaput Responds Negatively to Catholic Mother of Two Gay Sons

Archbishop Charles Chaput responded to a Catholic mother's letter in curt and non-pastoral language, drawing out further the contract between Philadelphia's prelate and his upcoming guest, Pope Francis, at the World Meeting of Families in September. Read More