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New Catholic Resource Looks at AIDS Through ‘Positive Faith’

Today is World AIDS Day, an annual remembrance to raise awareness of this disease, as well as to remember those who have passed on because of it and those who persevere as they live with HIV/AIDS. In the United Kingdom, one Catholic group has recently stepped up their work in regards to HIV/AIDS by releasing a series of videos and resources on their website. 

Preparing for an LGBTQ Christmas: Celebrating the Love that Overcomes

Dignity/Washington members have produced a booklet entitled “And the Darkness Shall Not Overcome It:  Reflections on the Advent and Christmas Readings Through an LGBTQ Lens.”  They want to share it with others in the hopes that sharing the experience of the Light which overcomes darkness will help any person of faith find a common experience of wonder.

Catholic Play at Stonewall Inn Asks Important Questions About Faith and Identity

“I wrote this play because I was—I am—struggling with my faith. The question is not whether I ought to be Catholic but rather: How ought I to be Catholic? What kind of Catholic am I to be? How can I continue to nurture my relationship with God, a relationship anchored in the church, but also acknowledge that I want change?”

Nottingham Parish Welcomes LGBT People at Mass

“My hope, as I travel about the diocese, is that more LGBT Catholics do feel welcome and part of the parish where they attend Mass, and that they are involved in its life and work. These occasional Masses for LGBT Catholics, their families and friends, in various parts of the diocese of Nottingham are more to reassure those LGBT Catholics who may feel hurt and uncared for by the Church, that they are very much part of the pastoral care I wish to ensure is offered to all Catholics in the diocese.”