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Employment Updates

Employees of Catholic Institutions Who Have Been Fired, Forced to Resign, Had Offers Rescinded, or Had Their Jobs…


Lesbian Teacher Reinstated in German School, As Georgia H.S. Band Director Wins Employment Case

The trend of church workers losing their jobs in LGBT-related employment disputes is not slowing, but thankfully community responses and legal improvements are pushing back. Below, Bondings 2.0 offers updates on several previous incidents, including the implementation of a Germany employment policy more welcoming of LGBT church workers.


Changing the Conversation on Church Workers' Rights

It seems as if every few months, and sometimes weeks, Bondings 2.0 covers the story of a church worker who lost their job in an LGBT-related dispute made public. There are more than fifty such cases since 2008, but there are signs of hope as ecclesial forces increasingly resist these firings.