Priest’s New Book Celebrates “Heavenly Homos;” And More News

The following are some items that may be of interest:

1. A Dutch Redemptorist priest has published a new book, Heavenly Homos, Etc.: Queer Icons from LGBTQ Life, Religion, and History, that profiles 30 saints and historical figures known to be of diverse sexual orientations or gender identities. Fr. Jan Haen, the author, includes original artwork about the people in the book. A press release from the publisher, Apocryphile Press, explained:

“[Haen] paints diverse people of faith, courage, and love who can inspire readers with new models of queer holiness.  The book shows many people who changed the world by facing opposition or violence for loving someone of the same sex or breaking gender rules.  Short, accessible text lets the pictures tell their stories.

“The cloud of witnesses gathered in Heavenly Homos, Etc. includes traditional saints, people in the Bible, martyrs whose deaths changed LGBTQ laws, priests and nuns, LGBTQ activists, writers, scientists, and athletes.

“The cartoon-style trip through LGBTQ religious history is a user-friendly introduction for beginners and fun for advanced scholars.  Haen brings an international perspective based on his years of ministry in both the Netherlands and South Africa.”

The book is endorsed by Kittredge Cherry, a lesbian Christian known for her website that promotes LGBTQ saints and spirituality, who said “The LGBTQ community needs queer saints to show us alternative ways to lead loving lives.” To learn more about the book and how to order a copy, click here.

2. Br. Francis O’Donnell, a Marianist and longtime LGBTQ+ advocate, died earlier this summer. He was a member of New Ways Ministry’s Board for two decades. Remembering Frank, as he was known, the executive director of New Ways Ministry, Francis DeBernardo, commented to The Baltimore Sun:

“‘He had a great organizational mind. Frank was also the most mild-mannered man I ever met. He was unassuming but was so passionate about working for racial justice, the poor and marginalized and the LGBT community. He was a tireless worker.”

3. Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, through a spokesperson, defended seven rugby players on an Australian team who refused to play when asked to wear rainbow jerseys because doing so offended the players’ religious beliefs. The archbishop’s spokesperson said the request to provide an LGBTQ-inclusive sign was actually a failure to be inclusive of non-affirming Christians and “has also created unnecessary hurt and division for all involved,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

4. A German priest participated in a Pride parade in Munich where he apologized for the harm the church has caused to queer people, saying, “I fully share LGBT goals.” Fr. Wolfgang Rothe carried a rainbow flag while dressed in clerical attire. Rothe is an outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate, have previously organized blessings for same-gender couples and reporting another priest for viciously homophobic remarks, which led to a criminal prosecution in German court, explained PCh24.

Robert Shine (he/him), New Ways Ministry, September 24, 2022

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  1. Thomas M Deely
    Thomas M Deely says:

    In a previous post about inclusiveness of our Roman Catholic Church for LGBTQ persons and identifying myself as a REDEMPTORIST PRIEST I am happy to find another Redemptorist (CSSR) Fr. Jan Haen who has written HEAVENLY HOMOS about Catholic saints who loved others of the same sex and undoubtedly challenged the Church of theri day and, of course, were most certainly otracized and suffered for their courage


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