Survey: The Best and Worst Catholic LGBTQ News Events of 2021

I’ve been involved with Catholic LGBTQ issues for over 30 years, but I honestly can’t remember a year that has been such a roller coaster of highs and lows.  Let’s just look at two “bookends”:  at the beginning of the year the Vatican issued a statement forbidding church blessings of same-gender couples; at the end of the year, the Vatican apologized to LGBTQ people and encouraged them to participate in the upcoming synodal consultations.

But a roller coaster is about more than highs and lows.  It’s also about twists and turns and speed and drama.  And 2021 was certainly filled with all of those, too, in the Catholic LGBTQ world.

What did YOU think of 2021’s Catholic LGBTQ news events?  You have an opportunity to state your opinion by completing our annual survey of the “Worst & Best Catholic LGBTQ News Events” of the past year. What did you think the highs and lows of the year were?

Use the form below to make your choices.  There are 15 “nominees” in each category of “Worst” and “Best.” Please select your top five choices in each category. Each list contains an option for “Other” for you to vote for your own nomination. The ordering of the the nominees in each list was assigned by a random numbers generator as a way to avoid any unintentional bias from the editors.

The poll will close at 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. Time on Wednesday, December 29th. We will publish the top ten vote-getters for “Worst” on December 30th and the top ten vote-getters for “Best” on December 31st.

Please share this poll with others in your networks who are interested in Catholic LGBTQ news events.  Thank you for your participation!

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Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry, December 27, 2021

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