Link Added to Father Mychal Judge Sainthood Post

Mea maxima culpa!

In the post sent out earlier today, I inadvertently forgot to include the link to the form that we would like you to complete if you are interested in helping with the effort to form an association that will work towards canonizing Fr. Judge.

Here’s  the corrected paragraph from that post, along with my deep apologies for any confusion:

If you would like to  be part of this effort, please complete our online information form. If you know of someone or some organization that would like to help form the association, please send them this blog post and invite them to submit their names.   We seek people from all of  Fr. Judge’s  ministries;  his parish and campus work, his A.A. participation, his outreach to homeless people and those with HIV/AIDS, and, of course, those involved with the N.Y. Fire Department and his other civic activities.

Francis DeBernardo

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