A Lenten Project to Benefit You–And LGBTQ People and Allies Around the Globe!

This Wednesday, we will begin our Lenten journeys towards the great feast of Easter!  This season of purging and repentance is filled with reassurances of God’s everlasting love and mercy.  Catholic LGBTQ people and Allies have experienced that love and mercy in so many unique ways, through so many powerful experiences.

Bondings 2.0 invites you to share those experiences with our global readership by submitting a short piece of personal writing to our series “Wilderness Journeys: LGBTQ Lenten Reflections.”  It’s an easy process with guidelines (see below) to help you through it.  You can include your name or make your submission anonymously.  Your submission should be brief, 250 words or less.  We will be posting selected reflections on Ash Wednesday and the six Sundays of Lent.

Guidelines:  Use the schedule below to find the themes and deadlines.  By clicking on the theme title link, you will arrive at a page with the scripture text, some reflection questions (answer one, two, or as many as you want), a prayer, and a meditative video.  We hope these materials aid your reflection.  Below the schedule is an online submission form.


Liturgical Calendar Day

Day of the Year

Theme Title Link

DEADLINE for Submission

Ash Wednesday February 26 Come Back to Me Monday, February 24
First Sunday of Lent March 1 Lead Us Not Into Temptation Thursday, February 27
Second Sunday of Lent March 8 Trans-fig-u-ration Thursday, March 5
Third Sunday of Lent March 15 The Woman at the Well Thursday, March 12
Fourth Sunday of Lent March 22 The Blind Beggar Thursday, March 19
Fifth Sunday of Lent March 29 Lazarus: The Man Jesus Loved Thursday, March 26
Palm (Passion) Sunday April 5 “Surely This One Was Innocent” Thursday, April 2

Starred boxes on the form are required.

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We thank you in advance for sharing your Lenten journey with other Bondings 2.0 readers–people all over the globe who are working and praying to make the Catholic Church a more just and equal place for LGBTQ people and their families and friends!  We are very much looking forward to reading your submissions!

Francis DeBernardo and Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, February 23, 2020

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