NEWS NOTES: Bishop Criticizes “Straight Pride;” Dignity Chapter Welcomes Archbishop; And More

Here are some items you might find of interest:

1. Bishop Myron Cotta of Stockton addressed an interfaith vigil that opposed an upcoming “Straight Pride” rally in Modesto, California. Cotta countered the rally’s homophobic message by telling vigil attendees that “within a God-centered community, there is no room for hatred” and that there is “no room for discrimination, no room for prejudice, no room for condemnation.” People are not condemned by their orientation, he added, “but by sin.”

2. Daniel Barutta, president of Dignity/Washington, D.C., said the group was “very pleased and excited” to hear that the city’s new archbishop, Wilton Gregory, dialogued with a transgender member of Dignity during Theology on Tap last month. At the time, Gregory told the trans Catholic they “belong to the heart of this church.” Barruta commented:

” ‘A very great moment indeed – the Holy Spirit does work in wondrous ways! . . . The fact that he is reaching out to the next generation of Catholic young adults who very well may become future church leaders is very encouraging . . . His words indicate openness to further dialogue and hopefully a potential visit with our community at St. Margaret’s Church, where we have mass every Sunday at 6 p.m.’ “

3.  Anthony Favier, the head of David & Jonathan, France’s LGBTQ Catholic group,  commented to France 24 that the nation’s rise in conversion therapy comes largely from fundamentalist Christians, but also Catholics. French legislators are considering a ban on the practice, which includes consideration of how the Catholic group Courage engages such therapies.

4. Members of the Maltese Catholic LGBTQ group Drachma held an event “From Riots to Rainbows” earlier this week as part of that country’s Pride celebrations. The Facebook message for the event said it would be a time for reflecting on the key role Malta has had in advancing LGBTQ rights and the role Drachma, as one of the oldest LGBTQ groups in the island nation, has played.

-Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry,  September 15, 2019

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