NEWS NOTES: Swiss Catholic Women Endorse Marriage Equality, English LGBT+ Catholics Celebrate 20 Years, And More

Here are some items you might find of interest:

1. The Swiss Catholic Women’s Federation (SKF) joined three other organizations in a call for legislators to adopt equal rights for LGBTQ relationships, reported Regula Ott, the managing co-director of SKF, said at a press conference that the organization has advocated for both civil and sacramental marriage equality since 2001:

“‘Therefore, we advocate that both unmarried and same-sex couples have the opportunity to give their relationship a legal framework, if they so wish.'”

SKF and the coalition are also advocating for LGBTQ people to have full adoption rights and access to assistive reproductive technologies, some of which remain illegal in Switzerland. The nation’s legislators are currently reviewing a marriage equality bill.

LGBT+ Catholics Westminster at London Pride 2019

2. LGBT+ Catholics Westminster marched in London’s Pride Parade earlier this month, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the first welcoming Masses back in May 1999. The group was also the only faith-based exhibitor at the event. Ministry members participated in an ecumenical prayer service and government reception, as well. The group reported:

“Well over 3000 information cards were distributed, along with other information, to Parade spectators and callers at the Soho Square Stall. More than one atheist visitor to the stall affirmed LGBT+ Catholics presence as ‘important for respect, equality, and comprehensive work for inclusion not least in faith communities.’ Many parents came by the Stall with their children, including teenagers, affirming their sexuality and gender identity. LGBT+ Catholics Westminster leaflet, Wonderfully Created, on being trans and Catholic, was distributed to many enquirers.”

3. Two writers from the National Catholic Reporter have offered LGBTQ-related reflections. Young Voices columnists, Mark Piper, shared about a conversation he had with a gay friend and how the church can walk more compassionately with LGBTQ people. Michael Sean Winters wrote in The Tablet about the presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg and whether the U.S. is ready for a gay president.

4. The podcast Jesuitical from America Media hosted gay Catholic Pat Gothman for an episode on LGBTQ issues in the church. The episode also highlighted composer David Haas’ song he created for Pride Month in June and the Vatican’s latest document on gender, Male and Female He Created Them. To listen, click here.

Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, July 28, 2019

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