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  1. Anton
    Anton says:

    Could it be that our bishops, supposedly celibate, and with no experience of being parents cannot see beyond their narrow experience and fail to listen to fellow Catholics whose experience goes beyond theirs? The bishops remind me of Jesus’ encounter with the Syro-Phoenician woman who approached Jesus to help her daughter. The disciples urged him to chase her away and he followed their advice, claiming he only came to minister to his own people. Called a “dog”, she claimed that dogs at least get the crumbs that fall from the table of the masters. Jesus, finally, recognized and praised her faith and fulfilled the favor she asked for. Isn’t it time for the bishops and all who don’t see to open their eyes and hearts to realize that our GOD is for all people, created “in the divine image and likeness”. “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute ME?” Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make OUR hearts like yours!

  2. Hank Mascotte
    Hank Mascotte says:

    Don’t believe the government.
    Don’t believe the church. Believe the One who wonderfully and beautifully made you!!!

  3. Loras M.
    Loras M. says:

    Deacon Dever delivers a message which cuts to the heart of the matter. Many religious men are so closeted themselves, that they project that on everyone else and cannot risk allowing the Spirit to bring fresh breeze to this issue of LGBTQ rights and acceptance. Until every person is allowed to be free, the very persons often in high positions of power who are in a mental prison themselves, will attempt to keep everyone else chained as well. Anyone truly living Christ centered lives sharing the wholeness and liberation that is offered to them freely, there is absolutely no argument that can be made for allowing one class of people to be not invited to the table. It is simple discrimination and being brainwashed to believe something without really examining that belief.

    Keep up the good work Deacon Dever. You see things with a clear vision and a loving heart like Jesus and are not bound by any internal chains. You are a gift of truth to everyone who hears your message. Unfortunately, many of our hierarchy are still bound themselves and see great personal risk in addressing that which they themselves can’t face in themselves. I am uplifted when I hear the truth and want to shout it to the rooftops.

  4. Barb T
    Barb T says:

    Our Catholic heritage should strengthen our resolve to bring about the kingdom where we are all living out our authentic God given lives not entrench us in hurtful dogma that is entirely man made. Thank you Deacon Dever for paving a path for Catholics Christians to follow.

    • Loras M
      Loras M says:

      Barb: Love that phrase: “Man made”. Precisely, on target, right on! Jesus would have a field day with the nonsense that men made up in the past who could not deal with their own sexuality struggles. The result is “dogma” affirmed, quoted, and repeated over and over by other closeted and closed minded individuals in power. Such discriminatory practices are meant to keep in line heathy, ordinary Christians trying to live authentic lives in harmony with their own conscience and how they were created .


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