Composer David Haas Releases Song for Pride Month About Being “Wonderfully Made”

David Haas

Catholic liturgical composer David Haas released a new song for Pride month based on Psalm 139, which reads “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Fr. James Martin, SJ, announced Haas’ new song on the Jesuit priest’s Facebook page. Titled “You’ve Made Me Wonderful,” Martin quoted Haas as explaining the song:

“You’ve Made me Wonderful’ is a Taize-like refrain (or ‘mantra’) just repeated over and over as much as needed. It was simply composed as a song/gift for my friends in liturgy and music ministry, as well as for clergy (Catholic and Protestant) who work with LGBTQ folks. I was just thinking about it being Pride month, so the words to Psalm 139 came to mind, and I just sat at the piano and composed it in about three minutes. It came quickly and naturally. So I sent it (and posted on Facebook) as a ‘gift’ for anyone who wanted to use it for liturgical or any other kind of celebration this month and beyond, and well, I received over 400 requests for the score in about 36 hours.”

The song’s simple, but beautiful lyrics read:

“I will praise you God, you have embroidered me; for all these mysteries I thank you. You have created every part of me; you’ve made me wonderful, you’ve made me wonderful.”

With Pride still being controversial for some Church leaders, Haas’ affirming song is a welcome Catholic contribution to this month’s celebrations. Have a listen below or by clicking here. You also can find the sheet music here, which is free to use this month as long as copyright information is included.

Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, June 10, 2019

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