NEWS NOTES: Lesbian Choir Sings at Catholic Shrine; Fired Church Worker Inspires New LGBT Group; and More

Here are some news items that you may find of interest:

1. In Oregon, the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, run by the Order of Servites, will host the Portland Lesbian Choir as one of the invited groups participating in the shrine’s month-long Christmas Festival of Lights this year, reported Gay Star News. The Choir expressed their excitement on Facebook, and will perform next Thursday, December 27th at 7:00 pm. More details on the event can be found here.

2. Students at Roncalli High School, Indianapolis, launched a new LGBT organization, Shelly’s Voice, to honor their former guidance counselor, Shelly Fitzgerald. She was placed on leave earlier this year after school administrators learned Fitzgerald was in a same-gender marriage. Dominic Conover, one of the group’s organizers explained to WTHF 13, “Anyone who wants to share their voice they finally have a way to do that, through our advocacy group. . .We want all to feel they are wanted and important in our cause and in the high schools eventually.”

3. Trinidad and Tobago’s Archbishop Jason Gordon  condemned “the kind of hysteria and the kind of hatred and hate speak” which has been levied against LGBT people in his nation, reported Newsday. But he paired this condemnation with comments opposing marriage equality and non-discrimination protections for LGBT people. Gordon suggested that the nation should not “be imitating American values” but “be courageous enough in [Trinidad and Tobago] to live our values.”

Jordan Hanson, class of 2013, and her wife, Kendra Legere

4. In Milan, Italy, Catholic school teacher Armando Baldissin told a class of eighth-grade boys that homosexuality was “a disease if it involves suffering” and with a good psychologist, “it is possible to make the homosexual drive silent.” Gay Star News reported that the school has made no statement about the incident, but that students reported Baldissin’s sex education program had been cancelled.

5. Rivier College,  run by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, featured a lesbian couple’s wedding announcement in their school magazine. The picture of Jordan Hanson, an alumna of the New Hampshire school, and her wife, Kendra Legere, shows the couple kissing in their wedding outfits (see left).  You can read the whole announcement by clicking here and scrolling to page 33.

Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, December 22, 2018

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  1. Richard Boyle, OSM
    Richard Boyle, OSM says:

    To: Robert Shine, Associate Editor, (et al.)
    To update (or perhaps more accurately, backdate…), I am happy to share the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus sang on the program of that same Shrine’s evening “Annual Christmas Festival of Lights” concerts on December 17th. Sixty-five members of the group sang a joyous and “Spirited” 40 minute set! You’ll find our website at:

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Archbishop Jason Gordon has been very strident in his opposition to basic rights and equality for the local TT LGBT community. His words are typical of the double speak associated with Catholic heirarchy communication on matters LGBT – they do not see the hate they stir and the pain they cause. Say a prayer for LGBT persons in TT!


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