Bondings 2.0 and Get Makeovers!

Today, Bondings 2.0 introduces a new look!

Over the past several months, New Ways Ministry, the publisher of Bondings 2.0, has been working with a web developer to renovate our online presence.  We’ve redesigned our website,, adding some important new features and resources, and we wanted our blog to look more like the new website.

We hope this transition to a new look will be easy and more convenient for our readers. Only the look has changed.  The same quality of news, opinion, spiritual reflection posts and other content has not.

While the website went live today, we are still in the process of transferring and installing various sections of it.   That process should be completed by next week.  We will update you with all of the new features when it is completed.

One thing that we hope you will like about the new blog design is that you will now be able to see the beginnings of several of the most recent posts on the screen at the same time.  To see the entirety of any individual post, just click the “Read More” button at the end of each introduction. We hope this new design allows you to be more aware of previous posts you might have missed.

The blog has also been incorporated into New Ways Ministry’s main website, so you will have easier access to website resources as you read the blog.

Additionally, some of our special pages that were hosted on the blog will be moved to  the website.   So our popular blog resource, “Catholicism, Employment and LGBT Issues” will be hosted on the main website on the “Employment Nondiscrimination” page under the “Issues” tab.  Similarly, the information about how to help in the canonization process of Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM, will be on the homepage.

If you use our old web address:, you will be automatically redirected to our new blog site.  However, it will probably be much simpler to get to our blog by simply visiting our website,, and clicking the “Blog” tab.  Or even easier, just type in the new URL:

If you receive blog posts via email, you may receive duplicate emails for the next few days while we continue the transition.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please give us feedback!  Do you like the new design?  What will make your reading and use of the blog easier?  We would like to know!  Please provide your ideas in the “Comments” section of this post or send an email to

Thanks for your patience during this renovation period. And thanks for all your support of and involvement with Bondings 2.0 and New Ways Ministry.

–Francis DeBernardo, Editor; Robert Shine, Associate Editor,  New Ways Ministry, September 28, 2017

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    • says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Can you please explain a little further? Thanks!

  1. Vernon Smith
    Vernon Smith says:

    Looks great, Bob, Frank, Jeannine, and whomever else may have contributed! Like your events and symposia, a lot more work goes into this kind of thing than meets the eye. Congratulations on the fresh new look!

  2. Devi
    Devi says:

    Dear Elders, Happy to view the new outlook. It is nice. Congratulations to all who worked hard to realize these changes. Bondings give new hope to me. Best Wishes! – Devi. [ India ]


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