During Schools Week, Celebrating LGBTQ+ Studies in Catholic Higher Ed

This week is National Catholic Schools Week, a time for Catholic schools across the United States to celebrate their identity, gifts, and service. The week often includes special Masses at the schools as well as open houses and other events for students, parents, and community members who are looking to learn about Catholic education.

To celebrate the week, New Ways Ministry contacted select Catholic campuses to encourage their campus ministry offices to include their support for LGBTQ+ students in their National Catholic Schools Week celebrations. While our readers might remember our Bondings 2.0 posts about the negative experiences of LGBTQ+ students in Catholic education, we invite you to celebrate with us the steps some Catholics schools have taken to include care for LGBTQ+ students in their school identity.

As part of New Ways Ministry’s celebration of  Catholic education, we have compiled a brief list of courses on LGBTQ+ topics available at several Catholic colleges and universities in the U.S..


Common course topics across campuses include introductory classes to LGBTQ+ issues academically referred to as “queer theory,” a perspective on interpreting and critiquing culture through the eyes of LGBTQ+ people. Many schools also have courses on the intersection of LGBTQ+ studies with other academic departments and fields (e.g., ethnic studies, literature, theology, history, drama, communications, psychology, sociology).

Some of the more unique courses are listed below  with links to other related courses and the school’s LGBTQ+ student resources.

All of the listed universities offer the courses through their respective Women’s and Gender Studies major/minor programs, except for DePaul University which has a dedicated Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies minor. All the colleges listed are Jesuit institutions, except for DePaul, which is run by the Vincentians, and the University of San Diego, a private Roman Catholic university. 

If you know of other Catholic colleges offering courses on LGBTQ+ topic, please share the information with us either by making a “Comment” on this post OR by contacting New Ways Ministry’ college outreach coordinator at [email protected].

depaul-university_416x416DePaul University

(Chicago, Illinois)

Queer Writers Of Color

Movements For Gender And Trans Justice

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


Fairfield University20070906_fu_logo_186_k_vert_03

(Fairfield, Connecticut)

The Battle over Family Values in American Politics

Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


fordham_university_text_only_logoFordham University

(New York City, New York)

Bible and Human Sexuality

Love and Sex in Early Modern Literature

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


Georgetown Universitygeorgetown_university_logo_04

(Washington, DC)

Sexual Politics in the Arab World

Violence/Gender/Human Rights

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


Gonzaga University1280px-gonzaga_university_logo-svg

(Spokane, Washington)

Philosophy of Sex & Gender

Gender and Pop Culture

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


university-logos-product-thumbnail1Loyola Marymount University

(Los Angeles, California)

Christian Marriage and Sexuality

Sex and the City of God

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


Loyola University Chicagoprimary_3color

(Chicago, Illinois)

Theology Capstone: Queer Theology

History of Sexuality

Complete Course List (click summer, fall, or spring semester links)

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


1280px-marquette_university-svgMarquette University

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Gender, Sexuality, Literature

Human Sexuality

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


Santa Clara Universityscu

(Santa Clara, California)

Gender and Sexuality in East Asia

Catholic Theology and Human Sexuality

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


1015px-seattle_university_seal-svgSeattle University

(Seattle, Washington)

Topics in Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Gender Roles and Sexuality

Complete Course List


University of San Diegojane-marquardt-university-of-san-diego-college-of-law-logo

(San Diego, California)

LGBTQ in Business & Economics

Sexual Ethics in the Catholic Tradition

Complete Course List

LGBTQ+ Student Resources


–Glen Bradley, New Ways Ministry, February 1, 2017

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  1. Friends
    Friends says:

    Delighted to add several courses in Gender Studies and Queer Theory, taught by Assistant Prof. K. J. Rawson — who is himself a transgender academic –, at the (Jesuit-run) College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, which also happens to be my own undergraduate alma mater. See the listings here:


    The Jesuits really rock, especially when it comes to promoting social justice issues and pedagogy. And I can’t imagine that Jesus Himself — who embraced the marginalized and dispossessed people of His time — would want His Church to behave in any other way.


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