Support Gay Priests! Sign “The Gift of Gay Priests’ Vocations” Statement!

To respond to the Vatican’s recent reaffirmation of a ban on gay priests and seminarians, New Ways Ministry is launching a signature campaign for Catholics to show support for the gay men who serve them pastorally through ordained ministry.  You can read the full text of the statement, and sign it, by clicking here.

13114249825_e879cef180_bThe statement, entitled “The Gift of Gay Priests’ Vocations,” expresses the idea that Catholics are well aware that gay men are already serving very faithfully and successfully in the Church. Moreover, the statement attests to the fact that Catholics are grateful for the ministry and witness of gay priests, and it makes note of the unique perspective and gifts that they bring to the Church.   The title of the New Ways Ministry statement “corrects” the title of the Vatican document which condemns gay priests, “The Gift of the Priestly Vocation.”

In addition to describing the blessing that gay priests offer the Church, the statement offers the following affirmation:

“To our gay priests and seminarians, we say, ‘Thank you! Despite what the Vatican has said about you, we offer you our total support. You are welcome in this church. You are one of us. You are wonderfully made.’ “

You can read “The Gift of Gay Priests’ Vocations” in full, and sign it, by clicking here.  The deadline for signing the statement is December 31, 2016.  Copies of the the statement and the signers’ names will be sent to:

  • Pope Francis
  • Cardinal Beniamino Sella, Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy
  • Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • The many gay priests that New Ways Ministry is in touch with.

We also encourage you to alert the gay priests and seminarians that you know to see the support which they have received from Catholics around the world. Do so after the deadline of December 31, 2016, so that they can see the full list.

We want this statement to let Church leaders know that Catholics welcome the ministry of gay men in the priesthood and do not want a ban on their admission to seminaries and ordination. We also want this statement to let gay priests know that Catholics stand with them through this latest attack on their dignity and integrity.

Please share the statement with friends of yours so that they can sign it, too.   Send them this URL:

Use your social media and email contacts to spread the word!

–Francis DeBernardo and Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, December 9, 2016



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    [email protected] says:

    These emails are not helpful.  The use of the word “gay” by the church is not a ban on homosexuals, but those who encourage a “lifestyle” that does not respect chastity, as is expected of priests.   please watch your incendiary language, it is not moral to grab headlines with misinformation

    • Wilhelm Wonka
      Wilhelm Wonka says:

      With respect, this is your interpretation of the Vatican’s updated guidelines for selecting candidates for ministry in the Church. Your comment points up an earlier post of mine which stated the existence of textual and sub-textual meanings in these documents, and that these can create not only wide differences in how guidelines are understood and their vague recommendations implemented, but also the injustices this can create, including discrimination against gay potential candidates for the priesthood.

      No one is advocating unchastity. I most certainly am not. Currently, ALL candidates for priesthood must eventually make a promise of celibacy, or take a vow to this effect. Seminary training should help prepare them for this eventuality, as well as help them discern, with the assistance of professional spiritual guidance, whether God is calling them to celibacy and, ultimately, to the priesthood itself. I fully accept this situation.

      It is always disappointing when some, like you, choose to misunderstand the motives of LGBT people, like me, when we make a stand for just treatment of others. Invariably, we are accused, in one way or another, of implicitly advocating what you called a ‘ “lifestyle” ‘, which, of course, is a euphemism for “homosexual licentiousness”. This is probably the most fundamental expression of homophobia: that gay people, by their sexual orientation, are naturally ordered, as Josef Ratzinger infamously declared, towards intrinsic moral evil.

    • Michael Lopes
      Michael Lopes says:

      The use of the word “gay” by the Church implies more than not respecting chastity. It implies something sinister and and uses caricatures of gay people. The “so-called Gay lifestyle” can mean anything immoral and does not respect persons.

  2. Bishop Carlos A Florido. osf
    Bishop Carlos A Florido. osf says:

    I have known and presently know many homosexual priests, who are faithful followers of the Christ and whose ministry to God’s people have been exemplary. The existence of gay priests is nothing new. I have been aware of their presence since I was a student in catholic schools many years ago. If anyone thinks that pedophile priests are homosexual, I have researched this possibility thoroughly and I can affirm that most pedophiles are not homosexual, whether priests or lay people. I hope and pray that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy may accept good gay priests for their commitment to the Gospel without prejudice.

  3. ermadurk
    ermadurk says:

    Fidelity to their vocation, dedication to the service of all God’s people, preaching and living the Gospel – whether gay or straight – are the essential requirements for priesthood.

  4. foxhines
    foxhines says:

    I could not successfully sign the petition because the area on the site that I was to fill in had no directions as to what was to go into what space. A pop up would say “fill in this field” but no suggestion as to what goes in which space: address, zip code, etc.. I gave up playing the site’s guessing game. Conspiracy theories and all that, but any chance the site creators are anti-gay and purposefully made it difficult?

    When I heard of Francis’s ban, I thought our Church would sure be in trouble if all the serving gay priests had to leave their posts.

    Then I thought: what will the test be for “gay”? Self-identification? Admitting sexual activity with another man? If a gay seminarian never has sexual relations with another man, will those in charge of the seminaries decide gay seminarians are not gay? How will this work to prove heterosexual priests are heterosexual?

    I am guess that all it means is the same old, same old: don’t ask, don’t tell. Francis and the curia seem very afraid of all the gay priests who might go public.

    What gets me is the homophobia that I suspect is pretty rampant among gay priests, bishops and cardinals themselves. If they “hate” themselves as much as I think they might, it is a no-brainer for them to “hate” others like themselves and to hate sex in any form. And beyond that, as a therapist, I cringe at the general sexual immaturity and repression that is so present amongst, I think, the majority of priests who see themselves as qualified to “counsel” others regarding sexual matters –gay, heterosexual, etc..

    Ruthann Fox-Hines, PhD

    Licensed Counseling Psychologist,

    Life Coach, and author of

    HEALING THE WOUND: Recovering from Loss


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