QUOTE TO NOTE: Could ‘Amoris Laetitia’ Bring New Honesty to Church Teaching?

computer_key_Quotation_MarksAt Roman noontime, in just a few hours, Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation will be released. Entitled Amoris Laetitia, this 200-page document culminates a two-year synodal process reflecting on family life. There has been voluminous speculation this week about what the document contains, including one Jesuit’s admittedly unlikely dream about a new honesty from Pope Francis:

“At an, highly unlikely, extreme he will recognise the fact that our official Catholic understanding of human sexuality is scientifically deficient, denying as it does the fact that a minority of men and women are biologically same-sex oriented and that attempts to deny that orientation and the natural desire to form committed relationships in accord with one’s biological nature actually violates one’s nature, and is in Catholic terms contrary to the natural law that the Church insists upon.”

You can read the full post from Anthony Egan, S.J. of The Jesuit Institute South Africa by clicking here.

As soon as the document is released, and we have time to digest its contents, New Ways Ministry will post its analysis and response on this blog, probably later this morning.

–Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry


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  1. pendergast1
    pendergast1 says:

    Anthony also wrote an interesting analysis ahead of the 2014 – Marriage and FamilyLife: looking towards the Synod, AnthonyEgan SJ, Trefoil Magazine, No. 282 (2014)  South Africa. This was particularly critical of a naive ‘natural-law’ approach to various issues: ‘naïve ’biologism’ which often passes for NaturalLaw ethics.’


  2. Ngurumun
    Ngurumun says:

    I cannot wait to read an inclusive statement for all Catholics.

    Ngurumun Please, live and let live. If you are a homophobe, please stop promoting homophobia, Jesus did not teach or encourage homophobia at any time. This is the reason why, there is no homophobic message documented in the Bible, in His teachings to His disciples.We are Christians, followers of Christ, and our religion is anchored on LOVE, Agape Love. LGBT Rights are Human Rights and human rights must be protected by the government. All laws denying LGBT rights are inhuman and we need to create awareness for the Nigerian government to realize the need to repeal those laws.Please help promote LGBT rights in your area; eg your church, your home, your office, etc for the Love of Christ and God will bless you.




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