QUOTE TO NOTE: Pope Francis: Pray for a Synod Miracle

computer_key_Quotation_MarksThe National Catholic Reporter noted that during his second speech on his visit to Ecuador, Pope Francis asked the million-plus outdoor Mass congregation to pray for a “miracle” at the synod on the family to be held at the Vatican in October.

Without mentioning specifics, Pope Francis said:

“I ask you to intensify your prayer for this intention so that what still seems to be impure to us, to scandalize us, or frighten us, God … can transform it into a miracle. Families today need this miracle.”

Pope Francis in Ecuador

The pontiff also said that the purpose of the synod was “to mature a true spiritual discernment and find concrete solutions to the many difficult and important challenges families must confront in our times.”

It is hard to say what Pope Francis is referring to, but it is obvious that he has high hopes for the synod’s deliberations and outcomes.

UPDATE: According to a news story on Crux Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesperson, explained the pope’s “miracle” quote to reporters this way:

“The pope hopes this Synod will help people to move from situations of sin to a state of grace; he’s not referring to anything specific.”

While it is comprehensible that the pope may have deliberately chosen not to be specific, I find it hard to believe that the pope was referring to sin and grace in this poetic quote.  “Impure” may be a reference to sin, but not when it is in the context of “what seems to be impure,” implying that we might find out it is, in fact, not impure. Also the references to things which “scandalize” or “frighten” does not fit Lombardi’s explanation.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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  1. Brian Kneeland
    Brian Kneeland says:

    I continue to pray that this last meeting brings some understanding and acceptance! We need those miracles!

  2. Fr Anthony
    Fr Anthony says:

    Could he possibly be referring to homosexuality?What is more important, the Truth or holding the Church together. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. Yes,we need a miracle.

  3. quest1177
    quest1177 says:

    I trust you Francis to speak for us. I pray that God will give you what you need to do your work and that the Holy spirit is felt in the hearts and minds of all attending. You will be in my Novena.

  4. Judy Lorenz
    Judy Lorenz says:

    I think we should pray for the miracle of a married priesthood… that lends itself to understanding families. I pray for all priests in discernment regarding the vow of celibacy. It is possible to be called to the priesthood and marriage. In fact, women can be called to the priesthood and marriage… this miracle is getting better by the minute – My prayers continue!!!


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