1,000th Post: Photos from the Holy Land

Yesterday, we posted our 1,000th blog post!  When we marked our 500th blog post a little over a year ago, we took a pause for some levity, so we thought we would do the same to mark this milestone.

As we mentioned last week, this week New Ways Ministry is sponsoring a pilgrimage of LGBT Catholics and Allies to the Holy Land shrines of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Sister Jeannine Gramick, our co-founder is the spiritual leader of the journey.

So, to celebrate our 1,000th post, here are two humorous photos from our travels,  both involving a camel we met in Jericho, at the base of the Mountain of Temptation, the traditional site where Jesus was tempted in the desert.


Francis DeBernardo feeds pomegranate to a camel

Sister Jeannine Gramick takes a ride on Jaguar, the camel.

Sister Jeannine Gramick takes a ride on Jaguar, the camel.

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  1. James Bedore
    James Bedore says:

    And a great service you have performed well! My thanks and congrats. I write from Down Under and won’t distress you with the weather report -:) . Back in WDC on the Ides of March. Best, Jim Bedore

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  2. Friends
    Friends says:

    Looks like you’re having fun. And I think the camel should become one of our regular guest contributors! Perhaps you could record an audio tag of him making “camel noises” — which might then be attached as an audio link “response” to some particularly disturbing news items, especially when obnoxious statements are made by certain bishops, archbishops and Cardinals!

  3. Ryan Sattler
    Ryan Sattler says:

    Congratulations BONDINGS 2.0. I can’t believe i have read 1000 blog postings. You will never know how many hearts you’ve touched and how many lives have been changed. BONDINGS 2.0 is a “daily blessing” for those who care about justice and equality.

    Great photos…can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!


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