QUOTE TO NOTE: Illinois Priest Openly Affirms LGBT Couples

computer_key_Quotation_MarksWhen Illinois passed marriage equality in mid-November, many Catholics celebrated this expansion of LGBT justicd. Others reacted quite negatively, including Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield who held an exorcism on the day of the law’s signing.Objecting to such an extreme act, Fr. Bill Kienneally of St. Gertrude Parish in Chicago has written a brief, but powerful letter in the Chicago Tribune worth sharing:

“I am a retired pastor of a Catholic church in Edgewater where there are many gay and lesbian couples, many of whom are doing their best to raise children as a family. I admire their constancy and care while they continue to belong to a church that ‘officially’ seems wrongheaded and bizarre in its resistance to legalization of same-sex marriage.

“Lobbying and liturgical pyrotechnics are both costly and embarrassing. At times I have wondered why faithful Muslims do not distance themselves publicly from their fellow believers who perpetuate violence. I wish to distance myself publicly from the misguided efforts of Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield and his rite of exorcism. God bless Gov. Pat Quinn and all who are trying to live a life of faithful love.”

–Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry

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  1. bjmonda
    bjmonda says:

    The Catholic Church needs 10,000 priests like this…and 1,000,000 Catholics! Where has all the courage gone? Long time ago…The future of the Church is blowing in the wind… No GUTZ no glory!

  2. wild hair
    wild hair says:

    At one time I think I lived in the boundaries of St. Gertrude’s when I was a student at Loyola. I so appreciate the efforts of Fr. Bill Kienneally. I don’t think I know him. I do have memories of St. Gertrude’s. I want to believe there are many wonderful pastoral priests in Chicago like Fr. Bill Kienneally.

  3. Barbara DeCoursey Roy
    Barbara DeCoursey Roy says:

    I was a member of St Gertrude parish in the 80’s. Bill Kenneally was a model of Gospel centered leadership. He did not wait until he retired to speak out against injustice in the church. He let the Spirit lead him and his parish. He followed his conscience and refused to the play to those in authority, always challenging the powers that be to do the right thing, leading by example. He also had a heart of gold. I am grateful that I knew him. After he and a handful of his Chicago contemporaries were ordained in Chicago, they threw away the mold.

  4. Brian J. Kneeland
    Brian J. Kneeland says:

    It must also be stressed that conscience trumps Church doctrine – and Fr. Bill has shown that in an excellent way. May God continue to bless his ministry!

  5. Jim Sheil (@frosche)
    Jim Sheil (@frosche) says:

    He is courageous and prophetic, and pastoral. He knows and loves his folks. Being retired and relatively independent allows, or perhaps demands of us, that we speak the truth as we see it. A number of us retired guys are doing this.


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