World Youth Day Pilgrims Kick Off “Queer Catholic Faith” Season

DignityUSA, a national organization for LGBT Catholics and supporters, is hosting their third season of Queer Catholic Faith, a webinar series featuring distinguished and interesting speakers on LGBT Catholic topics.

The webinars are live one-hour web-interviews with featured guests and real-time questions and conversation from participants who connect through their computers.

World Youth Day pilgrims on Copacabana beach.

World Youth Day pilgrims on Copacabana beach.

The first installment, on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m., Eastern time, will feature three of the six young Equally Blessed pilgrims who promoted LGBT equality and justice at World Youth Day in Brazil this past summer.   The promotional material describes these young people’s experiences which they will share during the webinar:

“Wearing your rainbow colors, your smile and carrying your banner that reads “Faithful Catholics committed to full equality of LGBT persons”, you walk into a crowd of Catholics you presume to be generally unsupportive of LGBT rights and dignity. What happens next? Six young adults did just that for an entire week during World Youth Day celebrations. What they encountered may greatly surprise you. DignityUSA is
thrilled to host three of these pilgrims on it’s premier webshow of the third season of Queer Catholic Faith. Join us for a taste of Catholicism among young people empowered with compassion and justice.”

Participation is free.  You can register for the October 22nd webinar by clicking here.

The monthly series is scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 9:00 p.m., Eastern time.  The remaining episodes feature the following people and topics:

Richard Galliardetz

Richard Galliardetz

November 26, 2013: Dr. Richard Gaillardetz, President of the Catholic Theological Society
of America, Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology at Boston College and father of a
gay son. Register here.

December 17, 2013: Dignity Alive! A look at a thriving Dignity chapter community in San Diego, CA. with three SD guests: Brian, Roxanne and Al.  Register here.

January 21, 2014: Joe Gentilini, Dignity/Columbus member and author of the new memoir, Hounded By God: A Gay Man’s Journey to Self-Acceptance, Love, and Relationship.  Register here.

Thelathia 'Nikki' Young

Thelathia ‘Nikki’ Young

February 18, 2014: Thelathia ‘Nikki’ Young,  a star attraction at Dignity’s 2013 Convention. Nikki will show how our own stories can bring others to deeper understanding and acceptance. Register here.

March 18, 2014: Mateo Williamson, a young trans man from Arizona who will engage you with his curious mind and joyful Catholic faith.  Register here.

April 22, 2014: Dignity Prays! Discover the diversity and richness of Dignity worship in this interview with three persons from Dignity communities across the nation. Register here.

Webinars for May and June have yet to be announced.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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