New Video Series on Catholics and LGBT People Debuts on YouTube

Pope Francis was not the only Jesuit this week who made news about positive statements on LGBT issues.  The folks at Ignatian News Network, a California-based Jesuit production company, have released a video on which is the first of a series on gay and lesbian people and the Catholic church entitled, “Who Are We To Judge?”

The first episode contains interviews with Jesuit Father James Martin, noted spirituality author, and Jesuit Father Matt Malone, editor-in-chief of America  magazine.    The episode also contains an interview with Arthur Fitzmaurice, a gay Catholic who is resource director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry.  All speak positively about the outreach efforts that many in the Catholic church are doing with LGBT people.

You can watch the video here:

I would guess that there was a wise, last-minute title change for the series, after Pope Francis’ statement about gay priests earlier this week:  “Who am I to judge?”

We look forward to the future installments in the series.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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  1. Ryan Sattler
    Ryan Sattler says:

    Another great Bonding 2.0, that I have just forwarded to Bishop Madden of Baltimore, Maryland.
    The video is so positive and so powerful, I asked Bishop Madden to share it with others at the archdiocese including Archbishop Lori.

    Thank You, Pope Francis…..For who are we to judge!

  2. Alecia Moss
    Alecia Moss says:

    I “liked” this video on facebook two days ago since I follow Fr. James Martin and he “shared” it!! It was very well done and so uplifting! I think you are right about the title being changed since Pope Francis made his positive statement to the world! Thank you for sharing all of your blog postings!!

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I just watched the documentary film “StoneWall Uprising” and was horrified by the violence and hatred toward Gay and Lesbian people. What is there to “judge”, except our own lack of charity and just treatment of others?

  4. Larry Quirk
    Larry Quirk says:

    Very nice and smiley “we love gays” video but it stops short of saying whether this new openness will mean that the church will accept our need and right to have faithful full relationships in the exact same ways that heterosexuals do. If not we are still being sent to the back of the church but only now people like Fr. Martin are smiling as they show us to our seats. It is the same question with the new Pope – just a PR change in tone or real substantive change? I will continue to hope, wait and see.

  5. Tom G.
    Tom G. says:

    Too late for all this. So the Catholic church is bleeding members, and now the welcome signs come out for gay people? When the Catholic church upholds the validity and blessing of homosexual physical love between people who love each other, then I might, just might, give the church another look. When the Catholic church stops discriminating against women by barring them from ordination, I might give it another try. When the Catholic church reverses its teaching on artificial contraception, maybe I will come back. Bottom line is, until the Catholic church starts to be as merciful as Christ, we all will suffer whenever any of us is shunned or told we are less than. The Catholic church no longer holds any claim to moral authority. It should stop judging.


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