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    The 26 years of suppression/oppression under John Paul II never seemed to fit him – a true Shepherd who traveled the world reaching out to the oppressed, marginalized – eventually aiding in the fall of USSSR due to inspiration. Truly, the draconian attitude reflected Ratzinger who was second in command but trusted with the daily running of the church. In the latter it intensified as the dementia (due to advanced Parkinson’s disease) ravaged John Paul II. Ratzinger seized the opportunity, becoming essentially Pontiff before his election. Little of positive importance will be remembered of his reign as he made changes in the Liturgy which are absurd and continued what he does best – academic work. He will be remembered as a cold, non compassionate man who knew not his flock – and cared not for them. Francis I is a fresh change – even though he may never agree with all the LGBT flock desires – he will make all efforts to extend a welcoming embrace. We can love and in turn be loved by a Pontiff as we agree to disagree. He will respect us and restore our dignity in the Church as members.


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