NEWS NOTES: June 20, 2013

News NotesHere are some items that you might find of interest:

1) 150 towns and cities in Italy now provide civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.  In the town of Vimercate, near Milan, gay and lesbian couples can now apply to be buried together in the same cemetery plot, thanks to a new law, which was opposed by the local Catholic priest.

2) Australian lawmakers are trying to pass an amendment to a proposed law that would allow nursing homes run by religious groups to discriminate against LGBT people as clients.  The only thing is that the religious groups say they don’t need the amendment because they don’t plan to discriminate. quotes the head of Catholic Health Australia:  “Catholic hospitals don’t discriminate in either employment practice or service delivery, so why is the current exemption still necessary?”

3) Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, a Catholic, addressed a Catholic college graduation ceremony in his nation, and attacked LGBT people, while praising Catholic leaders for their anti-gay stances.  Gay Star News reports him saying:  “I am glad in the Catholic Church there is stiff resistance to homosexuality, unlike in the Anglicans in Britain where the church accepts it. Where is the church going?”

4) LGBT demonstrators disrupted a speech by Oxford University Professor John Finnis, given at Notre Dame University, in Perth, Australia, reports Gay Star News.   Finnis, a noted opponent of LGBT issues, spoke on the topic, “Opposing death with dignity and same sex marriage: faith or reason?”  The protesters’ demonstration made most of the talk unintelligible.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry



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