CAMPUS CHRONICLES: The Catholic University of America Rejects LGBTQ Student Group

429985_363436760354988_1880879171_n (2)The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. rejected a proposed LGBTQ student organization last week less than a day after the University of Notre Dame released its comprehensive pastoral plan to address student concerns over sexual orientation on campus.

CUAllies, the unofficial organization that received the denial in a private meeting with University President John Garvey, released a statement that read, in part:

“CUAllies aims to foster a safe, welcoming, and affirming outlet to students that identify as LGBTQ in the particular Catholic setting of the University. The proposal submitted a new vision, tone, and willingness to fully embrace Catholic identity, while supporting a marginalized community, and has hosted speakers, service projects, and prayer vigils in its unofficial position. The group undoubtedly brought those who identify as LGBT to a place where they could participate in the Catholic faith.”

Administrators cited fears  that CUAllies could instead become an “advocacy” organization contradicting Catholic teaching, surprising student leaders who conscientiously demonstrated the pastoral and personal nature of the organization since its inception in 2011.

Former Director of CUAllies, Ryan Fecteau was quoted in a National Catholic Reporter  story, describing the faith-oriented perspective that CUAllies members hold:

“If any university in the United States should understand and act to ensure that people participate in Catholicism and feel comfortable doing so, it should be The Catholic University of America. In essence, yesterday, Catholic University denied CUAllies and LGBT students communion. They said to us that we are not valued enough to participate in this community of faith…We have worked on this for nine long months…This denial is not only coming from the University that we love; it also comes from the Church that we cherish and contribute to.

“I am hopeful that students who identify as LGBT will feel not only feel welcomed as a students, but as a participants in God’s love through our Catholic Church. This means every facet at CUA must take a proactive approach towards fostering such a community…”

Student leadership of CUAllies expects to continue the pastoral dialogues, social events, service projects, and prayer opportunities in its continued unofficial capacity next semester. According to Fecteau,  Garvey said more discussion on LGBT issues on campus is needed. There is speculation that student government will host a campus-wide referendum over the matter as well.

New Ways Ministry staff member, Robert Shine, who is also a 2012 theology alumus from The Catholic University of America noted in the CUAllies press statement how the school’s decision diminishes not only LGBT students’ faith, but the life of the campus:

“In my daily experience supporting LGBT-positive efforts on Catholic campuses, I am inspired by the sacrificial love and integration of faith and sexuality that students express where campuses focus on inclusion. My alma mater’s persistent rejection of my friends and peers falls gravely short of Christ’s witness that abundant love always trumps doctrine. This decision rejects pastoral considerations for political gamesmanship, but more importantly the University and the Catholic Church lose out on the necessary and life-giving contributions made by LGBT students, faculty, staff, and administrators.”

Now, Friends of CUAllies, an organization formed to support LGBTQ efforts at CUA, is campaigning with a simple pledge to:

“Support LGBTQ students by fostering a safe and welcoming campus at The Catholic University of America, so that the dignity and goodness of each person as made in God’s image is unquestionably affirmed.”

If you want to nourish, support, and sustain this important student-driven mission, please sign the pledge here and visit Friends of CUAllies’ website here for further information and involvement

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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For further information on New Ways Ministry’s efforts in Catholic higher education and to get involved, contact [email protected].

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  1. John C Calhoun
    John C Calhoun says:

    On his 2012 U.S. visit, Bishop Geoffrey James Robinson, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Emeritus spoke in Chicago to the issue of “Changing the Culture” (Chicago, 28 March 2012), offering a helpful, truth bearing and so uncomfortable perspective on the Church’s Papal/Episcopal culture. ( The action of CU administration might be best understood in light of Bishop Robinson’s analysis. In short, that so much “Papal energy and prestige” is invested in its understanding of sexual ethics and the extensive/intensive proclaiming of the same that no bishop who has pledged “loyalty and fidelity” to the papacy who appointed him can speak differently without paying very substantial penalties. For the Papacy, continuity of the Catholic Church and its authority structure is at stake in its sexual ethics teaching. It is committed to it and it need not and will not take into account the voice of the laity, lower clergy, moral theologians and others who have spoken to its inadequacies – least of all students. CU is “The Catholic University of America” with Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops aplenty sitting on its Board of Trustees. Given the outcome of recent elections with Catholics strongly supporting same-sex marriage, the administration dare not make a mistake here making its LGBT program official. Consequent media coverage would be the result and so a major headache should any activity go “over the line”.

    Readers may also want to visit Bishop Robinson’s paper “Sexual Relationships: Where Does Our Morality Come From” available on his website.

  2. Babs
    Babs says:

    Until the Church leaders come to realize that keeping people in is better than exclusion we are going to continue to see the numbers of practicing Catholics drop. How can those of us who support Love of Neighbor stand up for these exclusions. In my Church there is an announcement at Communion that those of you who are not Catholic are welcome to come and cross your arms to indicate you would like a blessing.
    If any of those present receive communion in their own Church, this is exclusion! Go out to the highways and byways and invite all into the table for the feast. How many ways did Jesus have to say it?

  3. Will
    Will says:

    So they are worried about welcoming people who might contradict aspects of Church teaching? Contrast this with the Holy Father’s recent blessing in Rome for Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, who reintroduced the ‘kill the gays’ bill and promised to have it approved as a Christmas present for Ugandans. Surely killing gay people (or life imprisonment) is contradictory to Church teaching?

    What is Benedict thinking?


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