For Giving Tuesday, Keep Bondings 2.0 Going Into the Next Year!

As mentioned in the previous post, Bondings 2.0 completes its first full year today!  Response to this blog has been so overwhelmingly positive that we are delighted to keep it going.  Your readership and advocacy make the work to produce this blog easy and enjoyable.

It has been a thrilling experience to prepare and present news, opinions, and reflections on Catholic LGBT news to you, our readers.  We’ve done so consistently every single day for the past 366 days (2012 was a leap year).And we intend to keep on going! We seek your assistance to make sure that this blog can continue.

A blog is an inexpensive item to produce in terms of materials and distribution.  However, the cost comes in terms of the staff time it takes to produce, post, and publicize the material. Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a day set aside to remind us all about the possibility of donating to charities and causes that are important to us.  Today, we come to you, the readers, to ask for your financial support of this blog.  We like to think of this venue sort of like public radio or television:  the content is here for all to partake of at no cost. Yet there needs to be, of necessity, the loyal supporters who regularly use the service whose financial contributions allow the material to be available for all.

If you find the material on this blog helpful to you, and if your financial means allow, we ask that you consider making a contribution to this blog by clicking here.  You will be brought to New Ways Ministry’s donation page.  Please fill out the information requested and write “blog” in the “Comments” section of the form so that we know how you want your contribution to be used.

Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to “New Ways Ministry” to office at 4012 29th Street, Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712.

However you decide to contribute, your donation is tax-deductible.

Just like public radio or television, we would like to offer you a premium for your donation to the blog.  If you contribute $50 or more, we will send you a free copy of our publication Homosexuality: A Positive Catholic Approach, a good way to understand LGBT issues in the Catholic Church from the perspective of thinkers and pastoral ministers who are working for equality and justice.

And just like the pledge drives on public radio and television, we’d like you to think of what a bargain your donation is!  For $50, less than $1 per week, you are helping not only yourself, but loads of other folks each day, to keep up with the important Catholic LGBT news and opinion.

Whether or not you are able to donate, we appreciate your support, and we hope you will continue to read the blog and participate in the discussion by commenting on posts. We thank you for your involvement in Catholic LGBT issues and we praise God for all the good that you are doing to make our church and our world more equal and just places.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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