Archdiocese Claims Civil Union Registry Will Lead to Polygamy

The Archdiocese of Milan’s spokesperson on family issues has compared the city’s plan to establish a registry of civil unions, which would include same-gender couples,  to promoting polygamy.

According to London’s Independent newspaper, Alfonso Colzani, archdiocesan official, said:

Alfonso Calzani

” ‘”There’s the risk that giving equal status to families based on marriage with those founded on civil unions will legitimise polygamy.’

“This was, he said, because people in civil partnerships would be freer to have sexual relations with other people.

“He added: Introducing ‘a communal register of civil unions is an ineffective initiative – and maybe only a PR exercise. Instead it is the family that needs support in this time of hardship. The concept of marriage is a precise one and not to be confused with homosexual unions.’

“The Milan diocese, Italy’s biggest and richest, is headed by Cardinal Angelo Scola, who has strong links with Communion and Liberation, the ultra-conservative catholic political lobbying group. Cardinal Scola was selected for the post of Milan’s archbishop last year by Pope Benedict.”

Giuliano Pisapia

The initiative to register civil unions came from Milan’s mayor, Giuliano Pisapia, who wants to extend protections to heterosexual and same-gender couples:

“Although largely symbolic, Mr Pisapia said that his plan would provide some additional legal rights for cohabiting couples who were unable to marry.

” ‘The establishment of a register of civil unions is aimed at recognising and protecting the rights of many couples in Milan and the rest of the country, couples that have been waiting too long for legal recognition,’ he said.

“Mr Pisapia noted the key ruling earlier this year by the Supreme Court of Cassation that said same-sex couples had a ‘right to a family life’ – and by implication, the same benefits and rights as straight couples.”

Italy’s LGBT civil rights organization, Arcigay, was quick to repudiate the Milan archdiocese’s polygamy assertion:

“In a statement, Arcigay said opposition to simple civil unions shown by the church, right-wing newspapers and politicians across the political spectrum ‘showed an incredible concentration of homophobia and prejudice.’ “

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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  1. hesstwin
    hesstwin says:

    “…people in civil partnerships would be freer to have sexual relations with other people.” Because people in heterosexual marriages are less free? Hetero committments are more binding than gay committments? What a strange theory! How do educated people arrive at such bizarre conclusions?!

  2. Babs
    Babs says:

    I am constantly astonished that so many of our ordained continue to use the words that keep people out.
    “equal status”; “set a precedent”; “only Catholics in good standing” (which they cannot legislate); in my diocese the Priests sometimes add to the former statement “however if you would like to come forward and receive a blessing, please do by folding your arms across your chest”; how is this not excluding especially when other religions honor communion for their members. When I read the Bible, Jesus said: “Love one another as I have loved you and keep my commandments” which I like to believe are the Beatitudes. In this world so full of hate, what good is it to exclude people who love one another.


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